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PrimeTime Lacrosse Shop: Top 5 Items In Stock

Alright folks, as you well know it’s PrimeTime week here on Lacrosse All Stars. We’re bringing you the PrimeTime-iest content around, so you’ll want to be sure to stay tuned for our releases this week. 

In some parts of the country, PrimeTime Lacrosse week is a national holiday. We don’t know how the logistics of that all work, but what we do know is there is only one way to celebrate. And that is buying some sweet, sweet PrimeTime gear from the PrimeTime Lacrosse shop for you, your friends and your family. Or, you could just buy them some PrimeTime gear for the *other* holidays. Whatever floats your boat.

Regardless of what your motivation is, you won’t want to miss this deal. See below for how you can save 30 percent in the PrimeTime shop Talk about spreading the PrimeTime, er, holiday cheer.

Now, check out the awesome gear that PrimeTime has to offer!

PrimeTime Lacrosse Shop

New Balance PrimeTime Lacrosse Sweatshirt

primetime lacrosse shop new balance sweatshirt

We can’t speak for everyone, but we’re going to anyway. This sweatshirt looks good. Real good. In fact, it makes us want to do this:

primetime lacrosse shop gif the carlton fresh prince of bel air

We’re confident that you’ll do the same when you first pull it out of the shipping box.

New Balance Bulldog Brawl Youth White Tech T-Shirt

primetime lacrosse shop bulldog brawl youth t shirt

Have you or your child ever wanted fame, fortune, popularity and prestige? Well, look no further than the Bulldog Brawl Youth White Tech T-Shirt. With the logo of one of the finest tournaments around, the Bulldog Brawl, you are sure to win friends and bring generally good karma into your life.

New Balance Lake George Invitational Dri-Fit T-Shirt

primetime lacrosse shop lake george invitational t shirt

A perfect summer shirt, this t-shirt made of Dri-Fit material would make a great addition to any wardrobe. And with the aforementioned discount, now you can get a couple of them. Go ahead. Treat yourself.

Fall Classic 2017 Socks

primetime lacrosse shop fall classic socks

Socks that look like they could be straight out of the PGA tournament take on a lacrosse twist. Looking ever-so-cozy, these are a must-have for any foot aficionado.

Nantucket Festival Shooting Shirt

primetime lacrosse shop nantucket lacrosse festival

This stylish shooting shirt is perfect for Saturday afternoon adventures or Monday morning gym sessions. Be sure to get yours now.

See more items in the Primetime Lacrosse Shop here.

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