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Quint Kessenich’s Holiday Gift List

With Christmas right around the corner, Quint Kessenich gives us an inside look into his gift list this holiday season. Santa Quint is looking to spread some joy to the lacrosse community as the snow begins to hit the ground.

For Coaches – A Jon Gordon authored book under your tree

Premier Lacrosse League – May the summer of 2023 be a box office blitz

Paul Carcaterra – A left hand

Young Players – A new stick

Old Players – A vintage wooden stick under your tree 

Anish Shroff – A new pair of weight lifting gloves 

Lacrosse Fans – ESPN+ for hundreds of lacrosse games 

Referee Hans Wittelsberger – Sunscreen 

Michigan – An NCAA playoff appearance 

Johns Hopkins – A winning season and a proper Senior Day sendoff

Syracuse – Diapers and a return to Championship Weekend 

Paul Gait – Prayers 

Chris Cotter – Squat magic, a head harness, and ViPR tubes. 

Ryan Boyle – A gift certificate to L’Artusi and a new multicolored tele-strator pen 

Goalies – May all your pipe shots ricochet out of the goal

Fans – High scoring, one-goal games decided in overtime 

Parents – For your young players to come home safely and happy

Andy Shay – A gift card to Modern Pizza

Lars Tiffany – His Christmas gift arrived earlier this month

Club Teams – New jerseys with large font and identifiable numbers 

Bob Shriver and Leif Elsmo – Inductions into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame 

Maryland – A clean slate

Penn State – A cure for the injury bug

John Danowski – A newly discovered Allman Brothers Band album from the 1970’s

Parents – A year without screaming “wheels” and cheering for Mom goals 

Kevin Warne – A winning season for the NY Jets

College Fans – Temperate weather in February 

College Players – The wisdom to make smart choices off the field 

High School Players – The work ethic to hit the wall

Jacksonville – A breakthrough in May

Realignment – A road map

Women’s College Lacrosse – A title game in 2023 half as compelling as the epic 2022 version between UNC and BC

PLL Atlas – Sam Handley No.1 overall

PLL Redwoods – Connor Shellenberger No.2 overall

Ty Xanders – Tickets to the Sugar Bowl and Alka Seltzer

Lyle Thompson – The energy and faith to keep marching forward and throw in a stronger supporting cast on the Cannons 

Defenders Guarding Michael Sowers – Ankle tape

Andy Towers – Soap to wash his dirty mouth 

Notre Dame – A National Championship 

Penn – A second midfield 

NCAA Tournament Selection Committee – Modern analytics 

Players – A mouthpiece and cup that you actually don’t despise 

Hampton – An earth shattering upset 

Delaware – Maturity to navigate high expectations 

Cornell – Syracuse back on the schedule

Ohio State – A PLL summer event in 2023 to christen the new lacrosse-only stadium as the Mecca of Midwest lacrosse 

Athletes Unlimited – Better television time-slots

Georgetown – A deeper roster 

Women’s Lacrosse – Fewer whistles 

Youth Lacrosse – Events categorized by age until 10th grade 

Duke – a goalie 

Premier Lacrosse League Fans – A behind the scenes PLL reality TV show 

Charlotte North – Lots of eager players at her clinics

Too Many D1 Rosters – The addition of diversity 

US Lacrosse – Robust attendance at the annual January Baltimore Convention 

Young Baseball Players – The courage to drop your glove and pick up a lacrosse stick

NLL – Fans through the turnstiles, a boost in transition…less substituting and smaller pads for the goalies. 

For New Head Coaches Justin Turri, Bob Benson, Ryan Danehy, Drew Kelleher, Eric Wolf, Brad Ross, John Odierna and Jordan Levine – A potpourri of gifts including listening skills, solutions not problems, networking ability, having fun, and staying true to your identity. 

Mark Dixon – Pickleball wrist bands and a new prescription for his Big Ten colored glasses

Myself – A new tie from the BL lost-and-found, gratitude and a slice of humble pie. 

Happy Holidays,