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Quint’s Holiday Wish List

While you’re running around trying to find that perfect gift for loved ones, here is a list of ideas for lacrosse players, fans, and parents this holiday season.

The List

Robust, enthusiastic student sections at college and high school games. Lacrosse looks to transition from a participation sport into a spectator sport.

More college lacrosse in May and June. Less in February.

PLL games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.

Timely referee replay reviews.

Women’s games that don’t last more than two and a half hours.

Safety for all participants. The men’s game is trending bigger, faster and stronger every year but thankfully the rules have curbed egregious hits to the head and neck area. I worry about a women’s player being tagged by a shot in the face or neck.

womens pro - Sammy Jo Tracy Game2

The birth of inexpensive rec lacrosse programs across the country. Low cost pathways to entry are essential for the sport to thrive.

National mainstream coverage of the PLL, D1 men’s and women’s highlights and games.

A functional, safe and low priced lacrosse helmet – nobody should have to pay more than $250 for a beginner helmet.

A six-pack of Power 5 schools from the SEC and B12 that add men’s and women’s D1 lacrosse programs.

Haudenosaunee in the Olympics.

FIL Lacrosse Day 5 Lines USA Iroquois top photos blue group
Photo Credit: Tracey Rector

More diversity.

Positive coaches and impactful holistic leadership at all levels of the sport.

A non-preppy lacrosse tie.

For the PLL and NLL, sellouts.

Standardized and uniform high schools rules in all 50 states.

Full support and growth of the sixes Olympic format.

More up-and-down the floor transition in the NLL, and less fighting.

A donation to CityLax, Detroit United, Bronx Lacrosse, OwlsLax or Harlem Lacrosse.

A cap on college roster size at 52 team members.

Tighter camera shots on webstream games.

A home field advantage in the PLL.

A lacrosse NIT tournament.

Governmental support and funding for lacrosse in developing nations around the globe.

ESPN+ coverage of the MCLA championships.

A surge in non-endemic advertising and sponsorship.

Frequent lacrosse product placement in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue.

Temperate weather during January training camp.

More games on grass, less on plastic.

Sensible pricing for club lacrosse programs.

A lacrosse game with over one million television viewers.

Improved cordiality amongst D1 coaches.

A universal start date for D1 practice and week one games.

amazing snow lacrosse photos

Small and mid-sized lacrosse stadiums to replace giant football venues. No more games in massive football stadiums with confusing football lines.

A wind at your back during the running test.

Improved parental behavior at youth games.

A moment to catch your breath during the PLL Championship Series, February 14-19 in Washington, DC. Pro players, sixes format, indoor, nationally televised on ESPN networks, with non-stop wall-to-wall action.

A new stick under every tree.