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Ranking the 2022 PLL Throwback Jerseys

Fans have asked for one thing and one thing only from the PLL since the league was announced in 2018. “Can we please have numbers on the front of the jerseys?” Paul Rabil and his PLL executive committee continued to turn a blind eye to the fans request for nearly four years, that was until last weekend when the league unveiled throwback jerseys.

Many fans have been puzzled by the inclusion of the word “throwback” given the league has not even made it to kindergarten yet, and rightfully so. The lacrosse world has been pleading for mesh jerseys as it has become the latest trend in the sport and the PLL finally caved into demands. When it was announced the PLL would be introducing throwback jerseys, I was skeptical to say the least. It would have been very easy to mess these up given how poorly received some of the leagues uniforms have been in the past. But thankfully, the PLL delivered.

I want to prefix this article by saying I really only think the PLL missed on one of these throwback jerseys, which has earned the No.8 spot. It seems like the lacrosse community has embraced these new jerseys with open arms and has been very vocal about the desire to bring numbers back to the front of professional lacrosse jerseys. Hopefully, fan reaction to these jerseys will bring some change to the current slate of PLL jerseys in the near future especially given the new relationship with Champion.

8) Atlas

The Atlas have one of the best colorways in the PLL but these throwback jerseys just missed the mark. It is the only throwback jersey released to only feature two colors whereas every other jersey featured three. On paper this may not sound like a big deal, but in actuality these jerseys lack a lot of depth and contrast without that third color.

The three stripe design on the sleeve is the worst of the stripe designs revealed this past weekend. The shorts don’t match the vibe of the entire kit as a whole and arguably draws more attention than the jersey itself. There is nothing really to like about this jersey as it leaves a lot left to be desired.

7) Chaos

The PLL really knocked these throwback jerseys out of the park. Depending on who you ask, the remaining seven jerseys on this list can fluctuate all over the board and rightfully so as they all are fantastic in their own way. The Chaos throwback jersey is a hit and there is nothing inheritably wrong with it. If I was a Chaos fan I would buy this jersey in a heartbeat.

It is nice seeing the Chaos in anything else other than their primary contemporary art piece kits that their wear every week. Like previously mentioned this throwback jersey is fantastic. The stripe is unique, the numbers pop, and the all black look truly is a vibe. The newly added black helmet should now be a staple for the Chaos moving forward as it fits the team so well. The only gripe I have about this jersey is that the red “Chaos” wordmark on the front is difficult to read on a black background.

6) Redwoods

I’ve seen these jerseys get a lot of hate on Twitter with a lot of comparisons being drawn to the Green Bay Packers. Personally, I do not feel that this is a fair comparison to make. Yes both teams feature a green and yellow color scheme, but are franchises in contradicting sports not allowed to embrace their colors because of this? That’s malarky.

This is without a doubt the best the Redwoods have ever looked. I have always complained at the Redwoods lack of consistent branding due the clubs’ indecisiveness on what shade of yellow they use and how involved brown should be on a week-to-week basis. This look feels clean on on brand for the Redwoods and I would love to see the club embrace this shade of yellow more in the future.

The spaced-out yellow outline around the white numbers on the green backdrop is bold. The “Redwoods” wordmark etched across the front contrasts perfectly from the numbers. My biggest complaint here is the shorts. The Redwoods have never even hinted at gray being in the team’s color scheme so why whip it out now? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it looks terrible. But some bright yellow shorts here would have really encompassed the throwback vibe of the weekend.

5) Cannons

From this point on I could flip any of the remaining jerseys on this list for the No.1 spot depending on the day. I think this look by the Cannons is incredible. Considering they are the only team in the PLL with any sort of history, a throwback look here makes since.

They nailed the look and feel of this jersey out of the park. I am infatuated with the sleeve design here, as the outside red border covering the blue and white stripe combo feels glaringly patriotic, which is fitting for a team named the Cannons. Everything on the jersey is legible from a distance and the gray helmet paired with the blue shorts is a strikingly impressive combination. Love this look by the Cannons.

4) Archers

When the PLL announced league wide throwback jerseys, I was most excited for the Archers. Am I a little bias because the Archers are the team I root for on a weekly basis? Beyond the point. When the first teaser images dropped I was in love with the jersey itself and it was my clear No.1 of the bunch. Then I saw it on field and my opinions changed slightly.

The Archers have really embraced the orange colorway over the past two seasons and rightfully so. It’s bold yet unique especially in the lacrosse landscape. The jersey pairs nicely with the helmet, shorts, and equipment worn by the players as the Archers have the most variety when it comes to color combinations. I bought this jersey the second that I could and while I do think it is a great throwback kit, I feel some minor tweaks would have helped this look go a long way.

I’m not a fan of the three striped combo but it looks better here than on the Atlas due to the white outline. I cannot stand how difficult it is the read the “Archers” wordmark on the front of the jersey, but there really wasn’t a better option given the orange backdrop. We see this orange jersey virtually every week and from a distance this throwback still gives off the same energy. I personally think a white jersey would have done wonders for this throwback kit and would have actually felt like a throwback to the Archers’ first year in the league when the club had a white jersey set.

3) Whipsnakes

I originally had this look as the best throwback jersey in the PLL. After talking with a friend outside of the lacrosse world, it was brought to my attention that these look like Christmas candy canes and that thought has lived rent free in my mind ever since. While I don’t think that is an accurate statement I don’t think it is very far off. Regardless, I still think this throwback jersey works extremely well given the Whipsnakes unique color scheme.

What I love about the top three jerseys on this list is how uniquely PLL they are in terms of branding. The remaining three jerseys features colors that you will not find on other professional sports teams, only in the PLL. The Whipsnakes have an iconic color scheme that can only be found in the PLL and that can be seen on display through these throwback jerseys. These look fantastic and truly cannot be replicated.

2) Waterdogs

Why have the Waterdogs not had a black colored jersey sooner? This look is incredible for the Waterdogs and makes me want to throw their current primary kits in the trash.

Everything here works on so many levels. The Waterdogs color scheme is fantastic and this throwback look shows how strong it can be. Everything here is equally balanced and I wouldn’t change a single thing about this look. I am a sucker for rocking two different colored stripes and the Waterdogs have done that here. When I think of the Waterdogs, I will only be thinking of this throwback look.

1) Chrome

It may have taken four seasons but the PLL has finally learned how to utilize the Chrome’s color scheme and that can be seen on display in these throwback jerseys. Holy cow this is a work of art.

It is difficult for me to put into words how much I love the Chrome color scheme and branding. There is no other team in professional sports that radiates the same energy as the Chrome’s pink and cyan color scheme. This is the best utilization of the team’s color scheme thus far and I’m sad these jerseys won’t be making a regular appearance.

The colors may be modern and fresh but they work so well on this throwback look. The numbers pop like no other, the sleeve design is simple yet to the point, and the “Chrome” wordmark is legible from a distance. Pair this throwback jersey up with a chrome helmet and solid colored shorts and you have yourself one of the best looking kits in the PLL.