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Ranking the New PLL Champion Jerseys

The PLL has recently unveiled its new jerseys, showcasing a fresh look for the eight teams in the league. In this article, we will delve into and rank each team’s uniform design, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and how well they represent the team’s identity. Let’s explore the uniforms in ascending order, while incorporating some additional talking points.

8) Cannons Lacrosse Club

The Cannons jerseys elicited a strong reaction, albeit not a positive one. One notable aspect is their departure from the traditional team logo placement, with the team name and player numbers displayed across the front. While the throwback jerseys from last season were well-received, this design falls short, feeling somewhat lifeless. The iconic color scheme and shoulder designs, featuring flares from the team’s logo, are appealing. However, the generic font lacks character and fails to pay homage to the team’s rich history. Incorporating elements from the team’s past jerseys or introducing a collar design could have elevated the overall impression. Regrettably, the missed opportunity leaves the Cannons’ uniform set feeling like an unfinished product. This just is a swing and a miss when it comes to PLL jerseys.

7) Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club

The Whipsnakes jerseys resemble something out of a video game, particularly “Casey Powell Lacrosse 18.” The team’s bold color scheme and snakeskin pattern are incorporated into the design but not as well as in years past. One prominent feature to mention is the attempt at some innovation with the shoulder stripes extending from the neckline to the arms. While it is an exciting concept, it needs to improve in execution. The all-teal kit lacks the impact of the primary red jersey previously used by the team in years past (I feel like the only one who misses the all-red). Adding a white outline around the logo on the teal jersey could have made a significant difference, similar to the teal outline on the white jersey. Although there is a chance PLL fans come to like these jerseys, the overall impression remains uncertain.

6) Waterdogs Lacrosse Club

The Waterdogs’ uniform set leaves much to be desired. One of the best things the Dogs have going for them is the purple color scheme, which stands out among the league’s other teams. Additionally, the team’s logo and font are solid. However, the overall design feels bland and needs more character. While playing it safe may be understandable, considering the potential polarized reactions to more daring designs, the result is a uniform set that lacks identity and fails to leave a lasting impression.

5) Archers Lacrosse Club

As a loyal fan of the Archers, it is important to address their uniforms. I cannot stand the multiple shades of blue used in the design, however it does align with elements of the logo. The arrows on the side add some character to the uniforms. However, the shoulder and short designs leave fans wanting more. The absence of an internal white outline on the Archers’ logo on the orange jersey, feels like a missed opportunity for consistency. On the flip side, the white jersey features an interior orange border, creating a sharp contrast. While it is a step in the right direction, the design lacks the innovation that could have elevated it to a higher rank.

4) Redwoods Lacrosse Club

Initially, I was not a fan of the Redwoods’ jerseys , but they quickly grew on me. The Redwoods have had a historical lack of consistent design, from their primarily brown color scheme to ever-changing shades of yellow. However, this time, the PLL got it right. The soccer-style striping on the chest is a welcome addition, paying homage to the Redwood jerseys of the past. The font choice for numbers and player names maintains consistency. One additional point worth noting is the subtle texture on the green jersey, adding depth to the design. While not revolutionary, the Redwoods’ uniform set is a significant improvement that resonates with the team’s short heritage.

3) Atlas Lacrosse Club

The Atlas’ uniform set is a visually appealing and consistent representation of the team’s identity. Like always, the incorporation of the team’s traditional color scheme and exceptional logo makes a strong impact. Staying true to the team’s design approach, the jerseys exude cleanliness and work well due to the dominance of the color scheme. However, the fading topography, ending at the midway point, feels incomplete. The topography is a unique accent feature for the Atlas and deserves full coverage on the jerseys. Additionally, the inconsistency in the arm design, featuring different horn patterns from the logo and helmet, detracts from an otherwise solid uniform set.

2) Chrome Lacrosse Club

The Chrome’s uniforms truly shine, effectively utilizing the team’s light blue and pink color scheme. One notable talking point is the Miami Vice vibes that are perfectly balanced, with neither color overpowering the other. The gradient sleeves and subtle blue striping on the rib cage blend seamlessly, showcasing a cohesive design. This set demonstrates a clear understanding of the team’s character and identity, surpassing generic templates. The only minor drawback is the difficulty in reading player names on the back of the white jerseys. Overall, the Chrome’s uniform set is a remarkable example of integrating team identity into the design. These are some of the best PLL jerseys we have seen.

1) Chaos Lacrosse Club

The Chaos have often been experimental with their uniforms, receiving mixed reactions from fans. However, this time, the PLL got it right, pleasing a broader audience. The main thing worth mentioning is the sublimated pattern on both the red and white kits, which is captivating and aligns with the team’s chaotic nature. Not as flashy as previous iterations, this design strikes the perfect balance. Notably, the pattern is only featured on specific areas, distinguishing the red and white jerseys while maintaining consistency. The red, black, and white color scheme blends beautifully, complementing the team’s helmets and equipment. The player name font adds a touch of cowboy-esque style, enhancing the overall originality of the Chaos’ uniform set. The PLL successfully captured the essence of the team while producing jerseys designs that stands out amongst the rest.


The Premier Lacrosse League’s new uniforms offer a diverse range of designs and interpretations of team identities. While some teams played it safe and missed opportunities for innovation, others demonstrated a keen understanding of their brief history, colors, and fan base. The Chrome and Chaos emerged as frontrunners, skillfully integrating their team’s character into visually striking uniforms. Meanwhile, the Cannons and Whipsnakes find themselves at the lower end of the ranking, lacking the impact and uniqueness of their counterparts. Ultimately, these new uniforms add excitement and freshness to the league, reinforcing the passion and love for lacrosse on the field.

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