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Reader Craftsmanship: Torque Dye Job, Reebok String Job

When it comes to dyeing and stringing sticks, it seems like our most loyal readers do some serious work. We’re lucky enough that a couple of them even send in pictures for us to post when their work is super sweet.

This time we’re showing off a great dye job on a Gait Torque by Jake Weimer for use on the Bowling Green lacrosse team, and we’ve also got a really nice traditional variation by Rob Shields out of Breakaway Sports in Seattle.  I met Rob back in 2001 when I was playing lacrosse down in Australia and yes, he is definitely related to Daniel Shields, who showed us how to do the Iroquois Topstring last spring.

Enough words, let’s get to the visuals…

Gait Torque Dye Job by Jake Weimer

Not overly complex but a great use of shapes, layered colors and just enough white to keep it interesting.
A new angle and some more evidence of great work!

Traditional Variation by Rob Shields

Do you string, dye heads and always look the filthiest on the field? You know where to find us.