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Reader Poll: New Skills Competitions in the MLL All Star Game

Last weekend, everyone tuned in to the MLL All Star Game to check out some of the best talent from across the league. The All Stars did what All Stars typically do, shine!

At halftime of the All Star Game, we got to witness Mike Sawyer break the world record set by Paul Rabil and Kyle Hartzell at 111, Mike Birney unofficially at 113, and just shy of Matt Gibson’s 115.3 shot. We also enjoyed some very creative trick shot work by the likes of Mike Stone, who managed to take the Freestyle Competition with some very accurate trap shooting. Check out the highlights below.

New to the halftime competition this year, was a Long Distance Accuracy Competition that Jesse Schwartzman took in style. That got us thinking though, what other competitions could the MLL add to help spice things up and make the All Star Game even more entertaining? No one says they have to happen during halftime, these could easily be spread out throughout the day.

And with that, we have this week’s Reader Poll!

We want to add to it though, so sound off with all your creative genius in the comments below. You can also tweet your ideas at @LaxAllStars or post them on our Facebook wall. We’ll add in all the best ideas you come up with!

Reader Poll: MLL Contests