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reusable face shields for medical pros

Reusable Face Shields For Doctors: Make A Difference With Us!

Lacrosse All Stars has teamed up with Justin Skaggs at Wood Lacrosse Sticks, the Kohelet yeshiva school in Pennsylvania, and the Give & Go Foundation to host the #ShieldedWarriorCampaign! Every dollar donated supports the manufacturing of reusable face shields for medical professionals on the frontlines of the COVID-19 virus.

The supply chain setup by Justin Skaggs and Kohelet yeshiva enables these reusable face shields, intended for medical professionals fighting the virus on the frontlines, to be manufactured at a cost of $5.00 USD each.

A little bit more about this special project from Justin:

My name is Justin Skaggs and I am a Lacrosse Stick Maker out of Philadelphia. I am able to convert some of the tools I use in my wood shop to produce high quality reusable face shields for medical professionals trying to fight this global pandemic.

I’m working with the talented people at Kohelet yeshiva. My friend Dan is the Fabrication lab coordinator and art teacher at Kohelet, and he has compiled the resources of various scholastic shop programs, craftsman, and creators within the greater Philadelphia area to facilitate production of these face shields that he and his wife Stephanie Designed. I’ll put these designs up for download on the donation page, in case you want to help.

I’m a builder, and this is the only way I can proactively help. All donations will go to materials. All of my time and the time of those who are making these items will be donated. Any donations that are not immediately needed for materials will be diverted to the CDC Foundation so that they can be timely and do the most good. Just add however many masks you want to donate and we will distribute them to the hospitals that need them the most.

Adam Ghitelman, co-founder of the Give & Go Foundation added:

We started our foundation to make a difference by growing lacrosse throughout the world and leveraging the connections it empowers. It’s incredible that we’re connected together through this game to the point where Justin, Lacrosse All Stars and Give & Go could unite to make more face shields possible. The more we as a community do to support doctors on the front lines right now, many of whom have lacrosse backgrounds, the sooner we may be able to coach and play team sports in person again again!

We cordially invite you to get involved by making a tax deductible donation today! $5.00 USD is a way to make a real difference right now and empower the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

If you cannot donate – we understand. Share this page or use #ShieldedWarriorCampaign on social media to help spread the word, and you’ll be playing a huge part!

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