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Rhino Lacrosse Academy: Boise, Day 2

From the beginning of Day 2, Rhino Lacrosse Academy in Boise, you could sense that it was going to be a good day. Everyone was eager for yet another fun day of learning and competition on the lax field and boy oh boy did this day provide that.

Another B-E-A-utiful morning in the City of Trees

The youngins’ day started out with some Rhino drills to wake everyone up. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals cannot be stressed enough! Coach Mikey even incorporated some more difficult activities into the drills and I think I speak for every instructor when I say that the boys tore it up. Competitions soon arose within the drills and every kid was soon gunning to beat the person next to them. INTENSITY WAS HIGH!!! (Capital letters emphasize the degree of intensity that was present).

Run Like a Llama? Great drill to work on stick control and footwork. Also known to ward off the trailing defensemen. I spy some LAS socks

After a quick set of stick work drills, the campers were broken up into groups and distributed throughout several coaches. This is where the competitions truly began and there were plenty of prizes to the winners of these stations. To name a few, we had a shot clock station (fastest shot rang in at a smokin’ 75 miles an hour), a closest to the pin station led by Coach Nick, a passing station (1 minute to get as many passes as you can) and an R&R station led by Coach Mikey (Hydration and shade. Everyone Wins!).

The flow was strong with this one. Not to mention the Syracuse Orange dome. Instant favorite among two coaches who will not be named.

As promised, the World Famous Rhino Lacrosse Celebration Contest topped off the day. A lot of contestants showed the Rhino judges their stuff in what I would call a riveting display of creativity and athleticism. We even had kids doing back flips!! (Disclaimer: Please note that inverted celebrations are no longer allowed in the World Famous Rhino Lacrosse Celebration Contest unless otherwise permitted by the Rhino himself)

The afternoon seasoned veterans arrived and dove right into this sunny afternoon with the same intensity . Following a quick round of Rhino drills they went into some stick work drills. Keeping things lively, some of the counselors devised some pretty interesting ways in which to transition from station to station. Coach Cost was bringing out some Oscar worthy performances but I think that Coach Phil and the helicopter transition took the cake. Check it out!!

Following the stations there was a little chalk talk from Ryan and Mikey Powell. As an attackman, Mikey wanted to stress the importance of riding hard while the ball is on your side of the field. Here he demonstrates a simple trail check move that should be a staple in every attackman’s repertoire. (SAT word)

To end out the day in style they had the World Famous Stick Trick Competition. After months of training, hard work and dedication contestants were finally on the grand stage of professional stick tricking (PST for short) and finally ready to show us their stuff. After much deliberation the judges decided in a tie and had a tie breaking stick trick off.

All and all I would give this day a gold star. Tons of fun to be a part of such a talented staff and watch as these campers grow their game. Tune in tomorrow for interviews with some of the coaches, helpful tips, and footage of the days happenings.

Day 2 is in the books!!