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Rhino Lacrosse Academy: West Linn, Day 2

RP getting the show started.

Day 2 is in the bag. The campers and coaches kept the heat turned on all day with temperatures high into the 80’s. Before even a single word by Coach V, everyone took the field and started getting ready. Coach V promptly followed with a great talk on how important that sort of mentality is. At Rhino Lacrosse, you do more by 9am than most kids do all day.

RP getting in on the action.

Hard work was the theme all day as campers got right into the action and took advantage of all the lax knowledge being dropped.

Campers were given the opportunity to take part in positional drills after the first round of morning work and learn from some of the best in the game. Joel White worked with the middies (it’s a little known fact that Joel was actually an All-American midfielder before switching to defense at ‘Cuse), Brett Hughes took on the defense, and Mario Ventiquattro led the attack. It was great to see all of the campers soaking up every word that these guys said. You can’t waste such a great opportunity staring at the clouds!

Joel White doing what he does best.

After lunch, the campers took part in the World Famous Rhino Goal Celebration Contest. Campers of all ages and sizes came up with their most creative dance skills to showcase for all the camp. If the judges’ commentary and hoopla doesn’t make it apparent enough, these campers went all out for the fame and a Rhino Prize Pack to go with it, but mostly the fame.

Ryan Powell kicked off the afternoon session with a great challenge to all the campers and coaches alike: Show your passion and add value to what you’re doing. Campers enjoyed some very competitive Rhino Wars (continuous 3v2’s) and learned how important it is to move the ball quickly and find the open man.

And he learned THAT at Rhino Lacrosse Academy!

As the afternoon wore on, I think the heat started to get to the coaches. We actually found some random guy in extremely high shorts doing some awesome stick tricks on the sideline.

All kidding aside, the atmosphere at Rhino Lacrosse Academy is unmatched. The music, the coaching, and the very competitive yet fun environment make it a top-notch camp.

What do you see Coach Heim? More Rhino Lacrosse?

Only two days through the camp and you can already see improvement. Some of the most talented campers are even improving on their game and testing out new techniques learned each day. I leave you with this joke told by Coach V:

Stay tuned for more, from Rhino: West Linn!