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Ric Beardsley – Going Offsides

WOW… We started this podcast in July as a hobby, without a guest or any plans to bring guests on right away. Fast forward 4 months and we’re at episode 22, we’ve had incredible guests, and today is a very special one for both of us. It’s no coincidence that on episode 22 we brought in a Syracuse legend, and while he never wore 22 he’s certainly harassed a bunch of them in his day, Ric Beardsley.

Ric has countless accolades to his name, he was a 4x All-American 2x National Champion at Syracuse, is currently the head coach at CBA (an elite boy’s high school program in upstate New York), a master clinician, and he recently became an assistant coach for ATLAS LC of the PLL.

Talking with Coach Ric was one of easiest and most enlightening experiences I’ve had in my lacrosse life, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Last Week:

What is Wayward Trading Post? In short, it’s a collection of carefully curated items created by owners Tina and Justin Skaggs.

Justin and Tina have taken their passion for lacrosse and repurposed it into a unique line of products that are not only incredibly useful, they could also save your life?

Have you ever been walking through the woods and needed a blanket for warmth, matches for a fire, a knife for protection, or needed to wrap check a wild aggressive animal (not recommended), check out the Wayward Survival Stick.

Next Week:

 Episode 23 is another great one as we talk with Florida Southern Head Coach Marty Ward. Marty is one of the best and most thoughtful coaches in the game, and he speaks with us about growing up off the reservation, having lacrosse be a major link to his heritage and culture. He also talks about how COVID has affected his scheduling and practice planning this year.

Make sure to hit us up on Instagram @going_offsides_podcast and twitter @goingoffsides to see what’s going on with the pod, who we’re having next, and for some sweet giveaways.