Salt Shakerz Lax Often
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Salt Shakerz Jam By The Sea Tourney Recap

California Dreaming...
California Dreaming…
The Shakerz played competitive lax, got some sun, and made another strong showing on the West Coast at the 2011 Jam By the Sea Tournament in San Diego, CA.  Despite a 6-4 loss to Olympic Club in the semi-finals, the Shakerz’ squad came together and finished 3-2 overall at the tournament, with both losses coming against Olympic Club.
40 Thieves ended up claiming the top prize by defeating Olympic Club in the finals, and overall, the Men’s Open Division was competitive and the West Coast definitely represented.
Here’s a list of the teams that participated:
The Bush Pilots
Team Awesome
40 Thieves
Salt Shakerz
South Bay
Olympic Club
Buck Twenthy
CA Budget
As for the Shakerz, the squad had a few competitive round robin games, but the highlight of the tournament was another tight 1 goal victory over Xiphos in the quarterfinals.  Although the Shakerz won this round in the budding rivalry, the Xiphos will have a chance for revenge again soon.  In June, the Xiphos will be making their way East to play in the 2011 Salt Shakerz Invitational (June 25, 26 at Randall’s Island, NYC–stay tuned to LAS or go to for more info) and hopefully the squads can meet again for what will surely be another epic contest.
Salt Shakerz LC vs Xiphos LC Jam by the Sea
Shakerz take on Xiphos
Tournament MVPs for the Shakerz included Corey Valliancourt, Goalie-Steven’s Tech (for taking a shot off the ankle from Anthony (AK) Kelly); Dave Campbell, LSM/Def-Adelphi (after some ridiculous defense and gb’s); and the pride of Yorktown, NY–attackman Jake DeLillo, Salisbury (every time he’s out there the kid just rips massive amounts of stitch).
All of the MVPs walked away with custom Shakerz-themed heads to add to their swag!
Salt Shakerz LC MVP pink lacrosse head Jam by the Sea
Salt Shakerz LC MVP pink lacrosse head Jam by the Sea
Chrome is going nowhere. Not a fad.
As expected, the Shakerz’ gear for San Diego was leeeggggit and well received.  According to a few players on other teams, the guys were lucky to escape with their shorts as they were a tournament favorite, drawing substantial interest from players, kids and spectators alike.
Regarding the tournament itself, many of the Shakerz remarked that the San Diego Polo Club, where the tournament was held, provided perhaps the finest venue the Shakerz have visited for a lax tournament.  Since the place is designed for polo, the teams were treated to well manicured grass fields, plenty of space, and the whole scene was set against the picturesque landscape of southern california—which made for an amazing venue.
But there’s always more to a Shakerz trip than just lax.  The boyz did a little horsing around at the stables!  True story…
Lacrosse Horse Whisperer
Lacrosse Horse Whisperer
Ultimately, although the Salt Shakerz didn’t win Jam by the Sea, we came away from another tournament with new friends in the lacrosse community who all have a mutual respect and love for the game.  GTG!
Salt Shakerz Lax Often
Salt Shakerz – “Lax Often”
Lax Often…
For additional information about the club and to learn about future events, please email or find the Shakerz on Facebook; keyword search Salt Shakerz!

Salt Shakerz Lax Often
Love the pink and white.
Salt Shakerz Lax Often
The all important group shot!
Salt Shakerz Lax Often