Scott Galloway Suiting Up with Paul Rabil
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Scott Galloway Suiting Up with Paul Rabil

Editor’s note: Check out Paul Rabil’s new podcast below and be sure to subscribe on iTunes! Paul gets the honor this time around of sitting down with one of most accomplished men in sports and business, Scott Galloway.

“You have to work your ass off. I don’t know anyone very successful who doesn’t have some talent — but that’s not the differentiating feature — it’s grit and working your ass off.”

I’m often asked who I look up to in sports and business. For the latter, Scott Galloway nears the top of the list. I feel fortunate to have booked him as a guest on our show — actually, I’m feeling somewhat bewildered, but thankful nonetheless he agreed to a sit-down.

Galloway’s a 9-time entrepreneur, he’s raised close to one $1 billion in venture capital, private equity, and hedge fund capital, he’s the head of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, a New York Times best-selling author for his new book called, “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google”, he’s a YouTuber, and former rower at UCLA.

By accident in 2010, Galloway founded digital intelligence firm L2 Inc., which was acquired in 2017 by Gartner. In 1997, he founded Red Envelope, one of the earliest e-commerce sites, and in 1992, Galloway built Prophet, a brand and marketing consultancy firm that employs over 400 professionals in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He’s been elected to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow”, where he was recognized as an individual whose accomplishments have had an impact on a global level.

Galloway’s served on the board of directors of The New York Times Companies, Eddie Bauer, Gateway Computer, Urban Outfitters, and others.

On October 3rd, he released his first book, “The Four”, which studies the impacts and advancements of four behemoths in the business world: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google.

On our show, Galloway and I discuss how each business appeals to a human organ, emphasizing the psychology and utilities of each — like why we share our status and photos on Facebook, why people trust Google search more than any other person or figure on earth, how Amazon has capitalized on thin margins and scale, and how Apple became the newest (and baddest) luxury brand.

It doesn’t stop there, sports fans. Galloway and I discuss major sports broadcasting rights. He predicts Amazon, Apple and/or Facebook will purchase the rights to the world’s largest sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, and March Madness. We also talk about the impact Amazon has on sporting goods, via upward trends in e-commerce and private labeling.

Galloway is an avid proponent of public education. He’s donated $4.4 million to UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, created the Galloway Fellows Fund where he designates scholarships to students from immigrant families, and has announced gifts to both UCLA and NYU.

If you enjoy the show as much as I did, you’ll listen to it at least two times through.

Entrepreneur, Marketing Professor at NYU Stern, Author and YouTuber: Scott Galloway

Suiting Up is an interview style podcast featuring lacrosse star and entrepreneur, Paul Rabil. Rabil, a 2x Major League Lacrosse MVP, splits his time between the gym and office, where he manages an OTT subscription platform and an event company, directs his foundation focused on learning differences and oversees a lengthy investment portfolio. This balancing act has become the new norm for athletes who seek to strike while the iron is hot both on the field and in the boardroom and it’s a challenge that requires more than just good time management. This podcast will explore the playbook of tools, technologies and strategies that athletes use to succeed.