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Second Half of the 2023 PLL Season Predictions

After a star-studded weekend in Louisville, we head into the second-half stretch of the 2023 PLL season. The league is as competitive as ever, and with all the talent, everyone still has a shot at making the playoffs. The second half of every PLL season normally leads to some shake-ups in the standings, and I expect this year to be no different. Here are my second-half of the 2023 PLL season predictions.

Asher Nolting Wins MVP
Nolting is the QB for the Cannons’ surprisingly effective offense and is currently tied for first in points with Ryder Garnsey. If the Cannons make the playoffs and Nolting continues to play at this level, giving the MVP to anyone else will be hard.

Atlas Miss the Playoffs
Atlas are currently in 7th place due to the goal differential tiebreaker. Many people still believe Atlas will get things going and turn into the version of the team we expected. However, I think Atlas will continue struggling, and Chrome will sneak into that final PLL playoff spot.

There Will Be a Major Trade Before the Deadline
Will it be Myles Jones or Sergio Perkovic? Will there be another big name on the move? Even with all the talent and competitiveness right now in the PLL, someone will look to shake things up at the trade deadline.

Mike Sisselberger Wins Rookie of the Year
Sisselberger currently is 70% at the faceoff dot and has been able to play through the new “prevent” defense. He will become the league’s top rookie if he continues his dominance.

One of the 2024 Championship Series Teams Will Win the PLL Title
Last season we saw the 5th and 6th seed play for the championship. I think we see a team in the top four win the PLL title this season.