Show LAS Your Old School: Hopkins Lax T-Shirt

Johns Hopkins retro vintage t-shirt lax lacrosse
The Hop is in the house.
Johns Hopkins retro vintage t-shirt lax lacrosse

The Hop is in the house.

I’ve been in a number of thrift stores where I’ve seen lacrosse apparel, and I can usually tell whether or not it’s new or old.  If it’s old, I buy it.  If it’s new, I let it sit.  Recently, my man Rory Baldini sent me a photo of a very OLD SCHOOL looking Johns Hopkins lax shirt he found in a thrift store in NYC and it has my head spinning for a couple of reasons:

1) I can’t tell if it’s new or old.  My gut says that it’s new and just designed to look like it’s old.  But I’m not 100% here, can someone help me out?

2) The price tag!  This thrift store was asking $39.99 for the T-shirt!!!!  If that’s the case, it had better be old, legit, designed by Petro, signed by Quint, worn by Kyle Harrison and made out of recycled titanium lacrosse shafts.

Johns Hopkins retro lax T-shirt

$40? No. Freaking. Way.

The shirts is sweet, but the chances of me paying $40 for a worn out t-shirt are exactly 0.0%.  NO CHANCE.  Fashion isn’t THAT important!

I love an Old School looking lax shirt, but this is getting preposterous.  And what part of a $40 T is “thrifty”?  Only in NYC, Paris and London.

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