#SOSLacrosse to Save English Lacrosse Overseas Coaching Visas
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#SOSLacrosse to Save English Lacrosse Overseas Coaching Visas

The English lacrosse community is working tirelessly to put out a SOS across the globe, to raise awareness for yet another potentially serious setback for the growth of lacrosse in England. The UK Home Office, the department that overseas basically everything the police monitor and more, sent orders to stop 78 lacrosse coaches from entering the UK from North America.

For years American and Canadian lacrosse coaches were working with schools and British universities to grow the game and increase the skill level of lacrosse in Europe. English Lacrosse claims that an estimated 200,000 youth, 60% of which were expected to be female, will be denied access to lacrosse if the visas are not reinstated.

English Lacrosse has held an A-rating by the Home Office since 1982. In that time over 1,250 no-European have come to the UK to share their time and experience to over we have sponsored over 1 million people. If that’s not growing the game, what is?

Let’s do what we can from wherever we are to raise awareness and change the minds of those making the rules!

Start by signing this Change.org petition and use #SOSLacrosse across all social media platforms to raise awareness for this heartbreaking issue.

Take a look at the well-done infographic (interactive version here) charting their growth!

Enlgish Lacrosse #SOSLacrosse