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Southern Maine Visits Southern California

Now that I have your attention I want to review some geography.  In the northeast corner of the country there’s a state called Maine.  It’s just past New York a bit in a part of the country most people call New England.  I’m gonna be honest I kinda forget Maine is even there sometimes.  It doesn’t cause trouble, kinda keeps to itself, and likes to collect lighthouses.

Coming out to visit Southern California is NCAA DIII University of Southern Maine. The Huskies went up against Chapman  University on Monday night in an exhibition match and play Whittier College , NCAA DIII, on Friday.  Chapman came away with another win on Monday.  Final tally at the end of the game,  a “painful” 21-7.

That’s all I’m going to say about the game.  I chatted with USM head coach Malcom Chase afterwards to find out how a team from Maine finds it’s way to Southern California.  It turns out that Chase grew up in Maine and is a graduate of Whittier College (’01.)  While scheduling the trip out to CA there were other teams on the list but they fell through.  So he contacted Chapman head coach Mike Wood, and Wood was able to coordinate with the university to squeeze a game in.

USM in action from last year

We spoke briefly about his feelings from the game and he said they are always working for the win.  One thing Coach Chase wants to work on is off ball movement.  For some of the kids this is their first game out of high school and they are used to being the one man show and lack the game mentality of working off the ball.

Chase, who is in his 4th year at USM, knew that Chapman was going to be fast paced but at the beginning of the game the USM defense was able to slow down Chapman and even exchange goals, that was until the Panthers turned up the heat.

We didn’t talk for very long but as we were wrapping up he wanted me to mention one thing which is really the bottom line of this whole post.  The Whittier game on Friday will help support the HEADstrong Foundation.  The foundation was founded by Nick Colleluori, former player for Hofstra who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and passed away in 2006

Our mission is to generates funds for cancer research, distribute grants and assistance to survivors of blood cancer, provide financial assistance to families that are experiencing the hardships of having a sick family member, provide scholarships and grants for students with ambitions of entering the medical field.

If you are in So Cal support the cause and go to the Whittier game, drop a dime and watch some lacrosse.  Coach Chase specifically asked that I include this in the post and get the word out.  It’s the least I could do.

One more thing; lax superman Connor Wilson did a write up on USM a little while back, check it out here.

Go to the Whittier game!  It will be held at Memorial Stadium on Whittier College Campus, Friday February 19, 2010, 7:00pm!

Told you there was more

Go to the Whittier game!
About the author
: Middie D played lacrosse at BYU under the tutelage of former Head Coach Jason Lamb and Current Head Coach Matt Schneck.  He now lives in God’s paradise of Southern California, more specifically Orange County.  His favorite color is shocking pink, favorite food is candy corns, and likes watching telenovelas.

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