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Spark the Fire for the 2023 Lacrosse Season

Who’s ready for the first day of practice of the 2023 lacrosse season? Welcome to the cold, dark month of January.

Who’s ready to hop on a bus and roll into hostile territory?

Who’s ready to walk through the airport in coat and tie on a business trip?

Who’s ready to march out of the locker room, in a perfect line with cadence aligned?

Who’s ready to start bouncing to the pregame music? Ready to lineup for a handshake?

Who’s ready for butterflies?

Who’s ready for Tuesday turmoil, midweek mayhem and a Thursday thriller?

Who’s ready for a night game under the lights?

Who’s ready for the smell of hot dogs? For sunglasses and sun dresses?

Who’s ready for crisp ball movement in transition that brings the fans to their feet with a net rippling crescendo?

Who’s ready to feel the joyous pain of making a kick save from close range?

Who’s ready to take a slash in the elbow as dowry for a contested ground ball?

Who’s ready to watch two FOGOs burrow for the ball?

Who’s ready to see something on the field they’ve never seen before?

Who’s ready to taste their own blood?

Who’s ready to run through the discomfort and pain of total exhaustion?

Who’s ready for a police escort?

Who’s ready to embrace the tension of sudden victory overtime?

Who’s ready to diagram the winning play on the white board in the huddle?

Where will you be when they unfurl the big American flag?

Who’s ready to draw the double team, that got the defense moving, that led to the game winning shot, that became a dog pile, Gatorade bath and net cut down.

Who’s ready to win the forever game?

The harder you work, the harder you must celebrate. What’s your victory song going to be? Who’s ready to dance in the locker room amongst brothers?

Who’s ready for moms home cooking at the tailgate?

Who’s ready for the 2023 lacrosse season?