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Speed Lacrosse
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Get Familiar With Speed Lacrosse

Being who we wanted to be was all we thought about during the earliest games of Speed Lacrosse on record in our Carthage backyard. You know my brothers. You know Jason Coffman from Salisbury University ’96 who has the NCAA scoring record with 451 points? He was in the yard with Ryan and Mike and I digging through the leaves for our 400th ground ball of the day and we were all looking to run up the score.

Speed Lacrosse logoThe lacrosse competition was ferocious and the game we created around the standard version of lacrosse was ours to keep. It was a finesse game about your athleticism, tenacity and touches and we embraced every rule we created to keep it fair without a referee.

If the ball goes out on you, you hand it over. If you clip the sunglasses off your opponent’s face, they get the ball back. The field of play is 40 yards long and 20 yards wide and everything in between is expected to be controlled chaos with class.

As I progressed through the sport from a youth through the NCAA’s and into the Major Lacrosse League I knew the game was lacking a training tool. That’s why I took so much time and care to build a team of qualified individuals around me to institutionalize the game. I formalized the backyard Battle Royale into Speed Lacrosse and I’ve travelled far and wide to share the game, the rules and the spirit of Speed.

Speed forward to the present and everyone’s hooked on it! Speed Lacrosse is lightly sweeping the nation as a developmental game and an exhibition of serious competition. The biggest names in the game like Roy Colesy (National Lacrosse HOF), Chris Schiller (Knighthawk and US indoor Captain), Tim Byrnes (Syracuse National Champion) and Florida Launch goalie Brett Queener have become official affiliates of our company and they are sharing it with the players they coach at every level.

Masters of the Lacrosse Universe like Tom Schreiber, Adam Ghittleman, Marcus Holman, John Galloway, Joel White, Dan Burns, Tucker Durkin, Jordan Hall, Chris Mattes, Connor Buczek, and Brendan Fowler are actively competing in and using Speed Lacrosse as an instructional tool at every level of the game they are involved with.

I am flattered that bigger brand names like US Lacrosse and others are recognizing the value of the Speed Lacrosse model. They’ve got an “athlete development model” that employs the same field size, player count & rules. We’re all here to grow the game.

This game we have been sinking our souls into is the ultimate weapon of athletic development. It’s the game that inspired my brothers and I to take our game around the world and compete at the highest level we could find. No matter where we were – we were re-living the fantasy of Speed Lacrosse.

My suggestion to all my readers is to learn from the experts.


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