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Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation – Movie Trailer

I’m very excited to see the Spirit Game – Pride of a Nation documentary. The film is slated for a Fall 2016 release, and it has been a long time in the making. Interviews and video have been collected for months on end, and during the 2015 WILC in Onondaga, the documentary crew was working at a fevered pace.

You will of course see the Thompson Brothers, and other big time current players like Bill O’Brien, amongst others. You will also hear from Oren Lyons, Richard Big Kettle, Tracey Shenandoah, and other leaders of the Iroquois Confederacy, about what it means for the Haudeonsaunee game to come home. The documentary will mix sequences of action with those of reflection, and the trailer (below) does a wonderful job of whetting our appetite for more.

Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

I can’t wait to watch the finished product, but I’m going to have to wait, because it’s not coming out for another 9 months.


You can’t rush excellence, it takes times. It’s ok, I’m just going to breathe deeply and watch the trailer again. All is well in the world. For a little more insight on what you could see in the documentary, check out the videos below for an additional appetizer or two!

Canada Vs Iroquois Gold Medal Game

Lyle Does Box – Deyhaus Highlights

Iroquois Vs Team USA

Iroquois 2015 Open Tryouts

Make sure you watch the last 45 seconds of the above video. Little kids being awesome at lacrosse and also being hysterical.

To see FULL games from the 2015 WILC, check out their YouTube Channel, and subscribe to the LAS channel for lots of great video from around the world of lacrosse!

Fro a bonus, check out this video from Prague, where an Iroquois team won the title in 2014! It’s GREAT stuff!

Told you it was good!