Mark Matthews one hand denver MLL goal
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Sportscenter Top Plays: Mark Matthews One-Handed Goal

Mark Matthews graduated from the University of Denver in the midst of a 45 game point-scoring streak, scored 6 points in his MLL debut against the Bayhawks, and then went two games in a row without a scoring a single point. He got back on the board during the Outlaws’ 4th of July game against the Machine, but that didn’t stop Quint Kessenich from making these comments early on during this week’s game against Charlotte:

“Matthews is struggling, needs to prepare better during the week. This is a self-reliant league; you have to train, you’ve got to put in the time yourself between Monday and Friday.”

Maybe someone told Mark Matthews that his work ethic was being questioned on national television, because #22 proceeded to drop 4 goals and 3 assists on the Hounds, who seem like nice enough people and don’t deserve to be treated like this:

So, to recap: that’s a laser on the run, stick-side from ten yards out, with only one hand. Oh, and it was his off-hand. Put those together and you definitely deserve a spot on Top Plays.

Led by Matthews’ 7-point performance, the Outlaws beat the Hounds 21-7. Whatever he did to prepare this week, looks like it just might have worked.

Which MLL goal that ended up on Top Plays this weekend was better? The above goal by Mark Matthews? Or this through the legs effort by Hamilton’s Stephen Keogh?