lacrosse spotted in highlights magazine
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Spotted: Lacrosse in Highlights High Five Magazine

Editor’s note: Welcome to another installment of “Spotted,” where we shine a light on lacrosse spotted in unexpected places, such as on TV, in a movie, or even in real life. Be sure to drop us a line if you spot the beautiful sport of lacrosse in a place you didn’t expect.

We have an awesome Spotting this week in Highlights High Five magazine! It was sent in by Coach LeCroy of the Lower Alabama Lax Bayhawks when her daughter spotted these lacrosse beavers (or… some lacrosse-playing animal) in the Matching Game section of the February 2015 magazine.

Highlights was definitely one of the go-to magazines as a kid, and it’s great to see it alive and well – and with lacrosse!

lacrosse spotted in highlights magazine
Thanks for sending this Highlights magazine spotting in, LeCroy family!


Spotted - lacrosse in unexpected places