Stick Trick Saturday: Danger Zone
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Stick Trick Saturday: Danger Zone

Editor’s note: Welcome back to Stick Trick Saturday thanks to the unyielding support of Wolf Athletics, one of the most innovative lacrosse companies to join our stable of LAS Partners. LAS Insiders save BIG on the Ghost shaft from Wolf. We hope you enjoy!

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Highway to the…. oh sorry, I can’t get this one out of my head! Today I’m introducing a brand new trick submitted by Kaleb Manes. He didn’t have a name for it yet, so I’m going with the Danger Zone!

Why Danger Zone you might ask?

  1. I live on the edge
  2. Gentlemen, mess this trick up and you will quickly find out

I recommend “chopping” the ball just hard enough to get it to bounce softly through yours legs. A hard hack at the ball is going to help you understand how the trick earned its name or it’s going to send you running for the ball.

Nice and easy, kids, nice and easy!

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Eric Huben

Kaleb Manes

Elijah Owen

Brian Spinner

Coleman Owen

Hats off to all the young guns out there that were able to knock out the Between the Legs stalls, most of them were way better than I ever accomplished!

Now it’s time to get yourself on video completing the Danger Zone and send it in to to get hooked you up with a very special Tomahawk Shades prize pack.

Enjoy this week’s episode? Spread the word! Sharing your enthusiasm for our sport is a great way to help grow the game!