SSZ Invitational
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SSZ Invitational – Summer Lacrosse Is Here!

The Salt Shakerz put on an annual Summer tournament in New York City called the SSZ Invitational, and for me, this is really the kick off tournament of the adult Summer Season. Sure, there are other events out there, but the SSZ Invy is early (June 25-26), it’s a good size, and it’s located where there is PLENTY of talent, so it’s also high quality. For me, those are the big 3 when it comes to finding the best tourney to kick off the Summer.

2016 SSZ Invitational

Now in its sixth year, the SSZ Invitational is played on Randall’s Island, and the Manhattan skyline graces the background, as games are played under the RFK/Triboro Bridge. It’s a great back drop for lacrosse, all the games are on turf, and the massive bridge overhead also supplies some much needed shade during the hottest part of the day. Since its inception, the tourney has also expanded a little, and now multiple divisions of play exist for men and women.

SSZ Invitational

On top of the Invy being a great tournament, it also raises money for the Avon Breast Cancer initiatives, and last year the SSZ were able to donate around $12,000 to the cause. If you were wondering why the Shakerz wear so much pink, well now you know. To Live. To Lax. To Give. It’s their club mantra.

Although the tourney is well stocked with teams, there is still a little space available, so if you’re having any last minute regrets about not signing up, you still can!

SSZ Invitational

The weather should be great, and if you win it all, you can join this illustrious group of previous champions:

Historic List of Champions

Men’s Elite
2011 Brooklyn LC
2012 Lagunitas
2013 KAG Lax
2014 Chirp City
2015 KAG Lax

Women’s Elite
2013 Cayenne Pepperz
2014 Cayenne Pepperz
2015 Cayenne Pepperz

Men’s Masters
2014 Brooklyn LC
2015 Pink Elephants