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Stay at Home Trickshot Challenge
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Stay at Home Trickshot Challenge

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) has announced today that the league will be launching a new social media campaign, the Stay at Home Trickshot Challenge. The media initiative will be published on league and player social channels starting today, with the aim of educating the public on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging social distancing and at-home activity, while uploading user-generated trickshot content that will be shared using the PLL hashtag #AtHomeTrickshot.

The Stay at Home Trickshot Challenge is an initiative that was conceptualized by PLL stars Tyler Warner (Whipsnakes LC) and Ben Reeves (Waterdogs LC). Both players are currently first-year medical students at Yale University who are working on the front lines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the challenge, the PLL and its players are inviting the general public to upload personal videos of themselves attempting lacrosse trickshots in their own homes while practicing social distancing. Participants are encouraged to use the official hashtag #AtHomeTrickShot and hand-selected entrants will have the opportunity to be featured in custom PLL videos and vlogs.

According to Warner and Reeves:

We are in the midst of unprecedented times that are affecting everyone throughout the world. We have seen up close at hospitals the devastation this pandemic has caused. We know that one of the safest ways to mitigate spread of the virus is through widespread social distancing, which is why launching the Stay at Home Trickshot Challenge is so important. We want to find ways to encourage lacrosse participation while promoting safe health practices. We will continue to do our part, but we need the public to help us.

PLL CEO Mike Rabil added:

We are blessed at the PLL to have two athletes and human beings as impressive as Ben and Ty. In addition to pursuing a PLL championship, they have selflessly dedicated their lives to helping others and are tireless in their efforts. Following their lead, the PLL will do everything in its power to educate its fans on the importance of social distancing and best health practices during this pandemic.