Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest - FINALS
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Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest – FINALS

We had dozens of entries that were eventually narrowed down to a bracket of 12. Those who were voted in went Head-2-Head, busting out their best stick trick combos in a competition lasting for weeks.

The Final 4 was fierce; one of our finalists won by a landslide, the other won by only 1 vote.

Both finalists have participated in various Stick Trick Saturday challenges extending back further than this competition. I’m not surprised that either of these two made it to the FINALS, it makes me feel like a proud stick trick grandpa.

Let’s get to it because it’s now the…

Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest FINALS!

As voted by their friends, family and peers, the Finals will see…

Rebecca Kinsley vs Gabriel Sgambettera

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Grand Finale

Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest - FINALS

Both Gabriel and Rebecca will have right around TWO WEEKS to pull out every last trick that they’ve got! They both get 2 Full Minutes to go off and show us every last trick up their sleeves!

No need to hold back this week, this one’s for all of the marbles!

Voting begins: Saturday, August 22nd, 9 a.m. ET

Prizes include (but aren’t limited to):

Ghost Shaft from Wolf Athletics, MLL Player Autographs, Lacrosse All Stars apparel, stringing supplies and more!

Important note: The Finalists earned an extra bonus point in the overall Stick Trick Saturday competition. Bonus points do not affect the Combo Competition.

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So who will it be, Rebecca or Gabriel? Both have what it takes to be #1, I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Let the best Stick Trick Saturday Champion be crowned!

Good luck, Rebecca and Gabriel!