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Stick Trick Saturday: The Hearing Aid featuring Eric Huben

Stick Trick Saturday: The Hearing Aid featuring Eric Huben

Special guest host Eric Huben challenges you to master The Hearing Aid in this week’s episode of Stick Trick Saturday at the Vasquez Rock in California!

We hit the road for this week’s Stick Trick Saturday to beautiful Southern California to have some fun, busting out stick tricks with some of the game’s future starts.

Let’s kick it off with Eric Huben who is teaching us to put in The Hearing Aid at the world-famous Vasquez Rocks.

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[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumb-tack” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] To anyone stopping by for very first time, click here to get clued in on how YOU can win 2 tickets to the MLL All-Star game. All you have to do is enter our [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]Stick Trick Competition[/mks_highlight] and play along by answering each challenge! Today’s episode marks Week 6 of the competition, so things are just beginning to heat up. And yes, it’s [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]open to all ages![/mks_highlight]

Start by sending the ball to your bottom hand, then immediately send the ball up through your arms to your lead hand. At that point toss the ball up to your ear and bring the stick around your body in a full rotation finishing with your pocket just above your shoulder and securely under the ball.

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2015 STS Competition Leaderboard

Not one of the 12 contestants tied for first on the leaderboard? Don’t sweat it. There’s still over 5 months left to collect entries in this competition, so enter now and you still have a good chance at that Grand Prize!

Congratulations to everyone in First Place this week, you earned your first STS Competition Prize!

First Place (5 Points)

  • Alex Wright
  • Brian Spinner
  • Cameron Irlbeck
  • Colin Meijas-Sager
  • Eric Huben
  • Ford Hiller
  • Gabriel Sgambettera
  • Hays Edmunds
  • Hunter Bitner
  • Mark Kelm
  • Nick Petta
  • Nick Wright
  • Reid Boisture

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