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(Still) Chasing The Dream – Hawaii 2016

Check out some more of the travel, lead up, and fun that built towards Hawaii 2016. The event itself was amazing yet again, and once my brain resets (and this sun burn turns into a deep, dark tan), I’ll be able to provide a full recap of the magical lacrosse weekend that is Hawaii.

Read my first preview post for Hawaii 2016 HERE.

October 27th – Los Angeles

Greetings from Los Angeles- my old Whittier College stomping grounds! Jess and I had a nice little layover that was bogged down slightly by some logistical issues with a car rental and airport shuttle. But, we are boarded on Hawaiian Airlines and ready to fly again. Channel the Aloha spirit.aloha hawaii 2016

So outside of the transport issues, we did do some fun stuff. I was tipped off by Pasquale Colleleuori via Kyle Hartzell’s Facebook post to check out Pancho’s in Manhattan Beach. This place did disappoint with a cool, authentic Mexican decor that engulfs you as you walk through the 12 foot doors at the entrance. We indulged in a jalapeño margarita, taquitos, and tacos pescado. Check it out!screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-8-56-02-am

So yummy. Even though I knew I was going to get a little exercise following the meal, I couldn’t leave any food behind. #cleanplateclub.

Next, Jess went to get her nails done and I went to check out the Equinox South Bay. As loyal LAS readers know, I trained at Equinox Chestnut Hill, MA for three years prior to opening RPM Athlete Performance. I love what I do now, and appreciate being able to go back into their gyms and see how the best in the industry deliver world class service across nearby 100 locations. Always something to learn.


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-8-55-49-amConditioning today was mostly mobility as we dig right in with our first two games tomorrow at 2pm and 3pm.

October 28th – TRAVEL and GAMES!

The trip was long, but worth it, and hey, we made it to Hawaii!img_2647

It’s now Friday, and the games are starting up in the afternoon. For Wimmer Elite, we play Tokai (Japan) at 2pm. For Wimmer Master’s, we play at 3pm, thankfully on the same field, against Da Kine.wimmer lacrosse hawaii

October 29th – Hawaii 2016 Games

Today we played more games, of course. Men’s Elite played Vasallo, and Barbary, before finishing the day off with Chushikoko. The Wimmer Master’s played Hokkaido, and then another opponent to set the final playoff picture. There was also some Grand Master’s action going down this year, and that helped me realize I can come to Hawaii to play forever. It’s a nice thought!img_2644

Part of what makes Hawaii so special for me is the Wimmer experience. The games are always great, but this event is about more than that for us. Saturday Night is always a special night for our team. Both Masters and Elite players, and their guests, go to Tiki’s Lava Room for dinner and some team announcements. We have fun, and Matt Sauri shares the causes we play for, and it reminds us all of why we’re here.

Yes, we want to have fun and win, but as a group, we also want to do something positive for others. This vibe is what keeps me coming back… Picking up a custom Jack Johnson woodie at dinner wasn’t too shabby either!Wimmer solutions wooden sticks

Look for more from Malcolm on Hawaii 2016 in the next couple days!