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Super Sixes uniform review
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Super Sixes Uniform Review

Whether you’re a fan of International Sixes lacrosse or not, I think one thing we can admit after the Super Sixes tournament at US Lacrosse Headquarters this past weekend, is that those uniforms were sharp.

Being the gear guy here, I would be missing an opportunity if I didn’t give you an entire article dedicated to the uniforms of the USA, Canada, and Haudenosaunee Nationals from this past weekend. From the deep meaning of some of these uniforms to the crazy Canadian design, this is the article for you uniform and gear junkies.

Super Sixes Uniform Review

Like many of you out there in the lacrosse world, I knew this Super Sixes tournament was going on and planned to watch a bit just to see what was going on. What I didn’t expect was the flashy gear and uniforms.

The night before games started, I noticed some leaked photos hit the lacrosse social media world that quickly captured my attention and made me long to be there in person.


The first thing that jumped out on Instagram were the Team Canada uniforms, done up by Mike Schanz from Tama Lacrosse. With the colorway and design, they almost reminded me of something the Chaos would be sporting in the PLL.

These uniforms featured more detail than anything I have seen in a long time. From the two-toned text to the jagged black-and-red design, they were almost reminding me of a shark attack.

The last aspect of these I really liked from a design standpoint was the sponsor’s logo placement. Gait Lacrosse, Tama Lacrosse, and the Canadian logo were all featured at the bottom of the jerseys, offering a nice color contrast.

These Super Sixes uniforms get a solid A+ international uniform rating. Also, the black Warrior lids acted as a nice bit of accent to the uniforms.


While the U.S. didn’t bring anything groundbreakingly new to the table, one still has to respect the beauty in simplicity. Navy blue uniforms with white and red lettering always makes for such a classy look. The coolest aspect of the Team USA outfit was its white Cascade XRS helmets with the American flag decals.

These get a respectful and always B+ rating for their respect to a classic design.

Haudenosaunee Nationals

The Haudenosaunee Nationals brought some serious uniform heat this past weekend at the Super Sixes. Not only did these uniforms look gorgeous, but they also held great meaning. Instead of the traditional yellow, the uniforms were orange to honor those lives lost in residential schools.

“Our men will be wearing these uniforms for the Super Sixes event this October, in an effort to continue the conversation on Residential schools,” the Haudenosaunee Nationals posted on Instagram. “As an organization, we are thankful for the allies who have used their voice to speak up and speak out.”

I love when a uniform can honor or bring up a pressing issue within its design like it did here.

On the design side, I loved the sleeveless uniforms here from ZimaGear. I rarely enjoy sleeveless uniforms, but the design and color choices here really made for an incredible uniform set from the Haudenosaunee Nationals.

These get a solid A+ uniform rating for design and the incorporation of a very important and meaningful topic that more people need to know about.