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Sweet Sweet Friday!

It’s Friday. Take a moment and thank The Man for a solid 5-day work week full of [insert best thing that happened to you this week here].  For us @LaxAllStars that’d probably be the New York City Tornado. Well, maybe that wasn’t good, but it sure was exciting. One of us watched from a Starbucks window, 4pm coffee in hand. Drop your best thing of the week in the comments section below!

And what’s a Friday without something sweet? Here’s this week’s top swag from Sweet Sweet Lax. Make sure you check in with SSL each and every day. And while you’re at it, LIKE it on Facebook too. 412 wants to have babies with it.

1) A classic look for a historical club

Custom Maverik Maybachs for the New York Athletic Club. We’ll take 12 pairs, please.

2) Ever been to a swag shoot?

Joe Walters and Steven Brooks have. Courtesy of STX, of course.

3) Neon must be his favorite color

He probably strung it while thinking about Sweet Sweet Lax.

4) Ugliest Nikes you’ve ever seen or creamiest?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

5) And finally, who’s got that bling? Ashton’s got that bling.

Louisiana represent!

And now, a very important recommendation…

Eat plenty of em this weekend!