Report Card: 2012 NLL Jerseys By Reebok Lacrosse

Chris Fox swings by LAS to review the new uniforms for NLL teams. Each squad has a new jersey now, and the league and Reebok are definitely trying to take a step forward. Now Foxy grades them on their efforts.

CONTEST: Help CVLC Pick A New Uniform

The Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club needs your help in choosing new jerseys for their uniforms. Choose wisely and you could win a free pair of their AWESOME new lacrosse shorts.

UPDATED: The Greyhounds’ New Clothes

Loyola Cornell Lacrosse lax NCAA 2010

Let’s see what we can cook up for the Loyola University Greyhounds. They usually stay classic, but last year they went with white helmets. They’re entering dangerous territory…

Sweet Sweet Sunday

Everyone can use something sweet on Sundays. Remember when Sea Monkeys were cool too?