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Germany Lacrosse: A Community Reinvents Itself

Germany lacrosse

The 2028 Olympics are casting their shadow ahead. An association is facing change and transforming itself. Denise Grunert and Matthias Lehna explain what’s happening with Germany Lacrosse, DLaxV, and the future the organization is aiming to build with the community. Germany Lacrosse: A Community Reinvents Itself Every community faces change at some point, especially when […]

HTHC Hamburg vs. BHC Berlin Headlines Bundesliga Nord Weekend

HTHC Hamburg vs BHC Berlin

The top match in the first round of the Bundesliga Nord in Germany took place this weekend. The reigning German champion, HTHC Hamburg, met a BHC Berlin strengthened with national players. Matthias Lehna and Gustav Weber talked to both coaches before the big game and put together a game report in pictures. HTHC Hamburg vs. […]

GerLaxCon Set For May 2022 in Dresden

GerLaxCon 2022

At GerLaxCon, lacrosse is for everyone! How did the fastest sport on two feet become the fastest-growing team sport in the world? The simple answer is: hard work and dedication of volunteers on all levels, combined with a rich tradition and unique sport that is difficult to resist! But it takes a bit more than […]

The Scheider Cup: Europe’s Biggest Youth Tournament

Scheider Cup 2021

Every young lacrosse player in Europe knows the Scheider Cup. Once a year, teams from all corners of the continent come together in Frankfurt am Main to play lacrosse on one weekend. The Scheider Cup: Europe’s Biggest Youth Tournament Europe is dominated by the sport that works according to a simple motto: “The ball is […]

Frank Menschner Cup Travelogue: Scootering Across Europe

Frank Menschner Cup

All roads lead to Rome, they say, but in the European box lacrosse community, they lead to Radotín, a small suburb of Prague with the most beautiful box lacrosse ring in Europe. Matthias Lehna and Gustav Weber, the authors and travelers in this story, set out for the Frank Menschner Cup in Radotín. With their […]

Five Countries to Watch for LA 2028

lacrosse countries LA 2028

From the global perspective of lacrosse, there are traditional powers, those on the cusp, and then there’s everybody else. As we look at the new Sixes format, along with the growth of box lacrosse, and even the growth of traditional 10v10 field, we see that certain countries are closing the gap faster than others. So […]

Maiah Bartlett Added to Denison Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff

Maiah Bartlett Denison men's lacrosse assistant coach

Denison men’s lacrosse head coach Eric Koch added two new assistants to his staff Wednesday: Ryan Rohde and Maiah Bartlett. The decision to hire Maiah Bartlett is a historic one. While it isn’t the first time a woman has been appointed to coach men’s lacrosse in the NCAA, it is one of the biggest jobs […]

DLAXN Seeks Modern Solutions for Sustainable Growth in Germany

DLAXN Seeks Modern Solutions for Sustainable Growth in Germany

Editor’s Note: Welcome author Matthias Lehna from Germany to He is going to keep us updated on the state of German lacrosse and their effort to revamp how they grow the game. Matthias is a member of the German field and box national team, a creator for DLAXN and a spokesman for the German […]

Top Photos From the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships: Green Group

france lacrosse 2018 fil men's world lacrosse championships

The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships was monumental in many ways, and our top photos gave you a dynamic window to the action. It was the first time the games had been hosted in a non-English speaking country. Ever. It was also the best participation at a world games with 46 countries participating. LaxAllStars was […]

European Lacrosse’s SUPERMEGA Championship Weekend

European Lacrosse's SUPERMEGA Championship Weekend

This weekend is a big one for European Lacrosse. No less than Six Playoff or National Championships are taking place: ze Germans have Playoffs, the Dutch, Swiss, Swedish and Baltic Lacrosse Leagues have Championships. Plus Bluesfest.