Budapest Chronicles Pt. 2: Perfecting Practice, Mall Run, Coaching Ladies

New Year's Cup Budapest, Hungary 2018 Photo: Georgina Lénárd

So much European lacrosse growth keeps rearing its head in Budapest, Hungary it’s astounding. Brian has spent some significant time on the ground there and has been keeping tabs on the strides made by countless men’s and women’s programs. Here’s Part Two of the Budapest Chronicles.

Budapest Memories: Remembering Hungary

Scotland v Finland - EC16 Quarterfinals

I’ve been back from the 2016 European Lacrosse Championships in Hungary for exactly three weeks now. Here are the memories I don’t want to forget.

Cassie’s Post Budapest Blues

2016 European Lacrosse Championship

I have returned from an incredible 11 days outside of Budapest, Hungary, filled with new friends, laughs, and of course, an endless amount of lacrosse.

A Look Into Slovenia Lacrosse

Spain vs Slovenia - 2016 Euro Championships

Today, we take a deep look into Slovenia Lacrosse, and what makes this group special. I met these guys for the first time at the 2016 European Championships