CityLax Announces Expansion of Board of Directors

CityLax Announces Expansion of Board of Directors

A leading Nonprofit in the urban youth development space, CityLax, the largest urban lacrosse organization in the county, has led the way and blazed the trail in New York, growing the sport of lacrosse and making it more diversified for the past 15 years. CityLax proudly announces a major Board expansion to broaden its Mission […]

Grow The Game in 2018 – Get Involved!

get involved citylax

As lacrosse continues to grow, it becomes even more important for additional members of our community to get involved, and keep the momentum going. When we are successful in getting more kids to pick up sticks, it means there are more lacrosse players out there in need of coaching, and therefore, we need more coaches!

CityLax Gala Recap – GTG in NYC

CityLax Gala

The 2016 CityLax Gala on Tuesday evening at the New York Athletic Club celebrated 10 amazing years of growth, and lay the foundation for 10 more.

NYC Public School Lacrosse Scrimmage Day – CityLax

We LOVE NYC Public School Lacrosse! The Public School Athletic League organizes an amazing scrimmage day for boys and girls public school teams, all on Randall’s Island. So basically, you get to see about 50 varsity teams play lacrosse all day. It’s awesome! And of course, we have video! NYC Public School Lacrosse Scrimmage Day […]

Jimmeh Koita: The Road Less Traveled

jimmeh koita

Jimmeh Koita crouched, waiting for the whistle. When it came he exploded over the ball, spinning wildly before popping it up, and catching it in his stick.

2015 Salt Shakerz Invitational

2015 salt shakerz

The 2015 Salt Shakerz Invitational has become a staple of NYC lacrosse and a highly anticipated part of the summer tournament season.

Paul Rabil: The Biggest Man At #LaxCon

Paul Rabil selfie at Laxcon

Paul Rabil has shown impressive advancement in the lacrosse landscape, and nowhere was this more evident than at #LaxCon last weekend in Baltimore, MD.

Stick Trick Saturday: The Orbit


My favorite Ghost (that isn’t Casper) and I are showing off a little in the city and hopefully all of this performing will earn me a dollar or two on the street! Today’s trick was made popular by stick trick legend, Matt Gibson. I nicknamed it the Jiggy Gibby, but he calls it The Orbit, so let’s go with that.

NYC Doctor with Ebola has Lacrosse Roots

This national headline hits a little bit closer to home when we found out that the doctor in New York City who has contracted the virus has roots as a member of the lacrosse community.