Lacrosse March Madness is Upon Us

March Madness

March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year to be a sports fan. There is something special about highly touted competition coming together in games where everything is on the line. In the college lacrosse world, there’s no time to mess around in March, and this week as we have several […]

Thank You, Taryn Ohlmiller

Taryn & Kylie Ohlmiller

I’m not sure I’d be the player I am without my sister, Taryn Ohlmiller. When I went to my first lacrosse practice in third grade, Taryn was right alongside me. Together, we fell in love with lacrosse, and it became one of the strongest pieces of our connection. As kids, we could often be found […]

The Growth of Women’s Lacrosse Is Limitless

Kylie Ohlmiller women's lacrosse is limitless

When Taryn, my younger sister, and I would play in the backyard with our sticks as kids, we loved the limitless possibilities of the game. Lacrosse allowed us creativity in physical form, and the more we had our sticks in our hands, the more accustomed we would be to them, and thus the game would […]

Kylie Ohlmiller ReLAXin’

Kylie Ohlmiller, a senior attacker for the Stony Book Seawolves, hitches a ride with ESPN‘s Paul Carcaterra: [fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Kylie Ohlmiller ReLAXin’ with ESPN’s Paul Carcaterra”] Learn more about Kylie: Kylie Ohlmiller shines in two No. 1 Women’s Lacrosse victories Kylie Ohlmiller breaks two NCAA records in 22-7 victory over UMBC Women’s lacrosse National Player […]

Video: The Thompsons Being Thompson

Lyle Thompson scored 9 goals

Albany took down Stony Brook 17-7 this week, and the Thompsons were back to their old tricks, scoring at will, and making the rest of us look like average lacrosse players. This win was huge for Albany because it wrapped up an America East tourney bid for the Danes (they are 3-0 in conference).

Goalies Hate LongSticks GIF

As a goalie, there is nothing worse than a crank shot from 5 yards away… the second least favorite shot for most keepers has to be the long pole bomb. You never know where it’s going, the angles are different, and half the time the poles don’t even know where the ball is going. It makes for exciting lacrosse, and can be a momentum changing play.

Alphabetical 2014 NCAA D1 Preview: Stony Brook

The NCAA D1 season is now underway! During the first couple of weeks of lacrosse season we’ll be finishing up the Alphabetical 2014 NCAA D1 Previews! Like last year, we are going through all of the D1 men’s teams for 2014 (there are 67 this year!) and we are now moving on to the Stony Brook Sea Wolves, located in Stony Brook, NY (that’s Long Island!).

Photos: Scotland Vs. Adelphi & Stony Brook

Larry Palumbo took in the recent scrimmages between Scotland, Adelphi, and Stony Brook. It’s clear that the English aren’t the only ones testing themselves against top notch college competition, even if they are doing a GREAT job of promotion!

Caption Contest!

Hartford Stony Brook Lacrosse takeaway ball down check

Friday means Caption Contest on LAS! We supply the photo, you supply the witticism, and then we supply you with some LAS swag! You know my Steez…