NCAA Lacrosse Photos: 2019 Final Four

2019 ncaa lacrosse semifinal yale penn state ncaa lacrosse photos

We’ve got your top NCAA Lacrosse photos from this year’s 2019 Final Four. Lacrosse All Stars assembled a great group to cover this year’s championships… At any rate, Katie Conwell has been KILLING IT behind the camera with some great photographs of the semifinals. We’ve selected our favorite 20 photos between both games of the […]

Yale Extra-Man Offense Unit: Film Breakdown

yale extra-man offense lacrosse

To over simplify this a bit, Yale has quite an exceptional extra-man offense. I count from top down for lacrosse formations, so here we see Yale in a 2-3-1. Here’s why the Yale extra-man offense worked: Yale EMO #1: 1. Albany, understandably, is very concerned about #44 for Yale’s Matt Gaudet. So concerned that they […]