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The 5 Best Lacrosse Drills to Make You Better

I wouldn’t be the player I am today without years and years of practice. What you see on the field couldn’t be possible without countless hours of work away from the cameras and stands. Over time, I’ve honed in one what I think are the best lacrosse drills to improve as a player.

It’s not just as simple as only doing these drills time and time again – you need more variety than that to be a fully well-rounded player. But these five lacrosse drills are what I consider to the best at molding superstar laxers.

The 5 Best Lacrosse Drills

Step Down Triangle

This drill will help you control your footwork and improve your power shooting technique.

Start by setting up three cones in a triangle close to the cage. Take a step-down shot, use quick footwork to reset to the center, and then do a fading step-down shot.

Inside Roll

This drill works on one of my favorite dodges – the inside roll.

Start behind the cage. Drive and work on getting a good spot inside the 8-meter, faking topside and tucking your stick and body to get underneath an imaginary defender. Then, work on finishing running across the crease.

Figure 8

This drill will work on your footwork, using both hands, and finishing on the run.

Run in a figure 8 pattern and receive passes both lefty and righty as you cut around the curve of the figure 8. Set up close to the cage so once you receive the pass, you can work on in-tight accurate catching, faking, and finishing on the run.

X – Finisher

This drill works on finishing your shot with no angle and your footwork around the crease.

Start at X. Split dodge at the back of the crease, then roll dodge right back around the crease to take a low-angle shot before crossing the goal-line extended. Be sure to focus on your footwork around the crease, and then turning your hips and squaring your shoulders to see around the goalie.

Crow Hop Hitch Crow Hop

This drill will work on using your step-down shot as a fake and as a finish.

Start with the wind-up motion of selling a step-down shot with a crow hop, then use that to step around an imaginary defender and go right into another crow hop to release the step-down shot.

Want More?

Check out the KO17 Lacrosse app, full of videos with drills and other instructions to help you get better, podcasts with other accomplished people in the game, film breakdowns, information on clinics and camps, and so much more!