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lacrosse helmet buyers guide
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The Ultimate Lacrosse Helmet Buyers Guide 2021-22

Welcome to quite possibly the most important buyers guide of them all: the lacrosse helmet buyers guide.

One thing we all need is a good, reliable helmet. This is more than a requirement to play our lacrosse and to do so safely. From concussion and head injury prevention to overall comfort, there are so many important factors when choosing your next brain protector. There are helmets we’ve loved, such as the Pro7, and helmets that we’ve hated, but I think everyone will be happy with the modern options below. 

No matter what helmet you decide on this upcoming season, always put comfort and safety first. I always suggest finding a place to try on the helmet you want, or even ask your teammate to test theirs out to ensure comfort and fit first.

Yes, I will even get into aesthetic design elements that are pushing the style of lacrosse forward. After all, “Look good, play good, feel good.” 

Lacrosse Helmet Buyers Guide 2021-22

Cascade S

The now second-newest offering from the helmet legends does more than impress. The Cascade S helmet not only pushed Cascade into the modern game but solidified it even more so as the helmet leader in the lacrosse industry. I have personally used this helmet during the college season for two years and have nothing bad to say.

From a protection standpoint, this helmet is cutting edge with it’s GEN4 EPP protection strategically placed in the upper front of the helmet. On top of GEN4 EPP tech, the S helmet also offers NV3 foam placed throughout the helmet to reduce impact to the head. Finally, this helmet clearly wins style points with its aggressive front-leaning design that will cater to anyone’s helmet tilt preferences.

You can’t go wrong with this one or any of the other Cascade helmets, for that matter. 

Cascade xrS

The very recently-released Cascade XRS is quickly taking the game by storm. From PLL games this summer to major DI fall ball, we are seeing this brand-new piece of protection technology pop up all over the place. The most noticeable update featured in this helmet is the exterior double jawbone. This is the outside jaw piece that wraps both high and low on the XRS. This one feature alone will make the game that much safer.

Along with many other updates, the 360 fit covers all areas of the head, making the helmet more comfortable and also reduces any impact points that existed in prior helmets. Needless to say, this is the most technologically-advanced helmet to ever break into the lacrosse world – an option you can’t go wrong with when choosing your next helmet. 

warrior burn

Over the past years, Warrior has released many different lacrosse helmets, but the Warrior Burn is by far their best without any question. This is another helmet popping up all over the college game from major DI schools to the smaller schools that prefer Warrior gear and want to keep a consistent look.

My personal favorite feature of this helmet is the AdaptFit270 system that allows players a truly custom fit helmet by simply adjusting a small area on the back of the helmet. Along with a unique fit system, the Burn helmet also brings many incredible protection features such as JAWS protection, preventing any injuries to the jaw area and the Vionic protection system placed throughout the helmet to reduce possibility of head injuries. I will also add that this helmet wins some major design points in my mind with its clean and streamline look. Again, this is another great option on this buyers guide as you look to purchase your next helmet. 

stx rival

Last but not least, STX Rival’s offering brings together the design of STX and the protection and knowledge of football helmet giant Schutt. This helmet was made popular last season on the college level with teams like Ohio State and North Carolina sporting this flashy new STX bucket.

I should also add North Carolina won major style points with their chrome and Carolina blue Rival last season. Style aside, this helmet is a monster when it comes to protection, with features like Schutt TPU cushioning which offers elite protection that has been designed to make a difference. Another great option for both safety and style! 

Need More Help with Your 2021-22 Gear?

We have specialized buyers guides for the 2021-22 season coming your way the next few weeks, from mesh to helmets and more. Everything you need will be covered in our guides. Take a look at what we have prepared for you!