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The Grip And Shuffle Dance: Would You Use This Celly After Scoring A Goal?

Instagram user @doc_bock recently put out a lacrosse-themed dance video. We thought we’d take a straw poll and wanted to find out if you would use the Grip and Shuffle dance for a lacrosse celly after scoring a goal.

I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about dance. I think dance is great, but considering my go-to moves mirror a sequence you’d probably see Elaine Benes break out on Seinfeld, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on it. @doc_bock looks pretty talented to me and has gotten some pretty good social media response to some of his other videos, one of which you can watch below.

I feel like this video also accurately captures a lot of people’s moods on gameday. Maybe we’ll see this on a future college lacrosse broadcast?

Share your thoughts in the comments or tag us on social media! (@LaxAllStars)

The Grip And Shuffle Dance: Lacrosse’s Next Big Celly?

The Lacrosse World Wants To Know Your Opinion

Be sure to vote in our poll on whether you’ll be implementing this as your next celebration this season.

The Dance Itself

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