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The Ice Box: Backpack For Lax!

The Ice Box is back with another gear feature.  Last time we checked out sneakers and this time we’re looking at a backpack that will really let you get your lax on.  I picked up the Element Mohave backpack down in Florida, and it’s perfect for what I use it for: lacrosse.

I use the Element backpack to go to my own lacrosse games.  The large compartment allows me to fit a lot of gear in there like cleats, shorts, gloves and arm pads.  There are a couple of smaller pockets on the outside of the backpack and they’re perfect for my wallet, phone, ipod and other stuff.  The straps on the back allow me to tie my helmet on the the back and slide my sticks through like a sword sheath on my back.  Easy access to the wand is always nice and not having to carry them separately in the subway is a big help!

I also dump 50 balls in the bag when doing private lessons and then hang whatever gear I can’t fit in the bag onto the outer straps.  A bag like this makes traveling with lacrosse gear in the City a LOT easier!  It’s also a great backpack for traveling by plane, train or automobile as the large compartment is spacious and you can open it all the way and peel the cover back to the base.  The straps are padded (as is the part that touches your back), but it isn’t over the top.  After all, no one wants a wimpy backpack.

For your daily fix of lifestyle lax gear, make sure you check out!