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The Last Of The Powell Brothers: Mason Off To College

It all started with Casey… the Carthage, NY product went off to Syracuse and quickly made the Powell name legendary in college lacrosse. As Casey set new records, Ryan joined the fray at Cuse, and eventually equaled those records. Then Mike came along and he took things to another level.

When Mike finished up at Syracuse, the Powell name lost some luster in the college game simply because the reign seemed like it was over, but we have a feeling it’s about to start up all over again… just in a slightly different place!

And I’m not even wearing #22!

Mason Powell, the youngest of the four brothers, heads off to college this week, and 2013 will be (barring any chances or injuries) his first season playing NCAA lax. However, Mason isn’t headed to Syracuse like his brothers did. The youngest Powell has found his own path, and will be playing for SUNY Cortland this year, a top level NCAA DIII program.

Cortland made it to the NCAA DIII finals last year, where they lost to Salisbury, and if any team in DIII comes close to matching the Gulls year for year, it is Cortland. With the addition of guys like Mason Powell, it doesn’t look like this is going to change any time soon.

Now I’m sure a lot of people out there are thinking, “but why wouldn’t Mason go to Cuse? It just makes sense… doesn’t it?” But when you look a little closer, Mason heading to Cuse really doesn’t make sense.

Being the youngest, I think Mason was able to get a little distance from his brothers. Unlike the older three brothers, Mason also fell in love with hockey, and he didn’t go to Carthage HS either, as the family had moved to Cazenovia by the time he reached high school. He even did a year of prep school at the Hill Academy! Mason has long been his own man, and for this reason, going to Cortland shouldn’t come as a total surprise at all.

Then, when one looks at many of the brothers’ recent comments on the speed of the game, it is easy to see why Mason would find Cortland even more attractive. Cortland plays uptempo lacrosse at times, will push the ball when they can, and the DIII style of play is much less controlling than its D1 counterpart. Want a more open style of play? GO DIII.

Add all of the above to the fact that Mason could see time at the midfield and/or attack, and joins a talented group of newcomers and returners who desperately want to win a title and it makes TOTAL sense.

Now the big question here quickly becomes, if Mason Powell can choose to play DIII lacrosse, why is everyone else SO obsessed with going D1? Something to think about…