The LXM PRO Is Adding The GOAT. Who Is The GOAT? MIKEY POWELL!!!

Who IS this guy?

We asked you who the GOAT was, and it turns out it’s Mike Powell.  It had to be either him or Gait.  I mean who else really fits that billing?  But it’s official… the LXM has added Mike Powell on their team roster.  Didn’t I say this would be a perfect fit?  Yeah, I did.  Glad someone is listening.  Ha.


The LXM PRO is back in business with an event coming up in Philadelphia, PA on October 9th, 2011.  The last Philly event went well for the LXM guys, and it’s clear that they’re excited to be heading back.  The Ritz brothers, Xander and Max, are both from that part of the lacrosse universe, and Philly definitely loves its lacrosse action, even if the Barrage of the MLL didn’t last there.

To build on the success of their last Philly event, I’m sure the LXM guys are making some tweaks to their program and learning from past experiences.  Each event they run seems a little more cohesive so we’re interested to see how Philly plays out.  And it seems like the LXM guys may have already got something special in the works, even though we’re still more than a month away.

Xander Ritz recently replied to Brett Hughes on Twitter with a somewhat cryptic tweet.

Xander Ritz LXM Goat tweet

So... who is the GOAT?

Xander would play, but he’s been replaced with the GOAT?  The GREATEST OF ALL TIME?  But who is that?  I mean, sure LAS had its own Top Ten Players list, but not everyone’s is the same.  So who is Xander’s GOAT?  And is he really joining the LXM PRO for the Philly event?

We could be talking about Gary Gait.  Or Mike Powell.  Maybe Petro is going to throw the pads on and dominate again?  Is Bob Boniello making a comeback to the game?  Or maybe even Quint Kessenich!?!?!?  How cool would that be?!?!?!  We have no idea who Xander’s GOAT is.  Do you?


Who IS this guy?

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