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the ultimate lacrosse shafts buyers guide 2021-22
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The Ultimate Lacrosse Shafts Buyers Guide 2021-22

Are you looking to get a new lacrosse shaft for your gamer or maybe just looking to add to the collection?

Are there too many good choices to choose from on the market today?

No matter your situation, I have you covered with more information on many of the latest handle releases. Because of how many handles are released each year, I have decided to focus on the top and most popular releases from each company without going down the rabbit hole of never-ending lacrosse shafts.

Lacrosse Shafts Buyers Guide 2021-22

ECD Lacrosse

Carbon 3.0

The Carbon 3.0 brings all the great features of the previous ECD Carbon generation and a whole lot of new ones to an all-around, well-rounded handle. Most notable is the ECD’s Impact+ system, which has been increased in key areas to make this their strongest carbon handle to date.

Another important feature to note about this new handle is the sliding end cap to allow for a custom end cap configuration. This handle is also a Flex5 level, meaning it will flex to offer a bit of extra strength for your shot but won’t overflex, affecting your game in negative ways. You really can’t go wrong with a good ECD Carbon handle.

Carbon MTX

Are you a physical player who needs a shaft to match your lacrosse game and strength? The Carbon MTX is essentially a bulked-up version of the other Carbons with some added features at a more premium price point. This handle features reinforced TeXtreme in the right areas to make it an even more durable handle. Unlike the Carbon 3.0, this handle is a Flex1, meaning it won’t have as much give or flex, allowing it to be a bit stronger when checking or taking checks. It’s a great option for more aggressive playing styles!

True Temper Lacrosse


Weighing in at just 156 grams, the Smoke handle is not only lightweight and durable but also offers a level of uniqueness most other lacrosse shafts don’t have. Each smoke handle has a different look to its design, meaning that each handle is a one-of-one in its appearance.

This handle is reinforced through up to 25 carbon fiber layers to ensure it can hold up to any checks thrown its way. It is a SmartFLX level 6, meaning it’s among True’s medium flex handles but just below the PowerFLX highest durability level. If you’re looking to mix it up with a very unique and durable handle, this might be the one for you!


Weighing in at just 136 grams, the ZeroLyte handle might just be the lightest carbon fiber handle I have ever used. It reminds me a lot of the old Gait Ices in a carbon fiber format. Despite the weight, this handle still packs quite a punch from its durability end.

Another aspect of this handle that must be mentioned is its rougher texture that gives it a bit of a sandpaper feel in the gloves. This handle sits at the PowerFLX level 8, meaning that it is one of True’s most flexible handles while still offering optimal durability. For all you light handle lovers out there, this is very much worth checking out!


Are you a box lacrosse enthusiast or just want a shaft that can hold up to any checks? The HZRDUS Heavy is a box lacrosse player’s dream with its strong feel and crazy durability.

Made out of HD Heavy Composite, this piece sets a new standard for durability in lacrosse handles. I can tell you from personal experience that it is one mean handle both for laying cross checks and taking the occasional monster check. While you lose a bit of the light weight feature of other handles, it’s well worth it when it comes to durability. I suggest any box check this out when looking to make their next purchase.



This updated and stronger version of the beloved Hyperlite brings both lightweight and durability to a dodging attackman or speedy midfielder. This new addition to the Maverik handle lineup promises to fit any elite level player with its design and bead-blasted grip for added handle feel. If you loved the Hyperlite and are ready for a great upgrade, this is undoubtedly the handle for you.


A common name for any lacrosse player, the updated Wonderboy shaft brings you all the needed features at a great price point. While this may not be the newest release on the list, I felt like it couldn’t be excluded – it really brings one of the best values to the lacrosse handle market.

This newest edition of the Wonderboy brings a new design and reduced weight while still offering its classic durability and grip shape. Despite only being a 9000 alloy handle, I would suggest anyone who hasn’t used a Wonderboy grab one to add to their collection or maybe even use as their gamer.


Sci-Ti X+

I can still remember using my first STX Sci-Ti handle and immediately falling in love with the thing. If you play attack or midfield, this updated Sci-Ti handle is something you just have to check out.

This handle features double-wall thickness to ensure you can take any check that comes your way while still remaining extremely light weight for dodging and shooting. The X-Grip of this handle is designed for the handle to create added control to your game and put you at a bit of an advantage simply through it’s intelligent design.

Fiber X

From PLL players to the college level, this handle has made quite the impact quickly. This composite offering from STX brings the desired durability and weight for an elite level. Without any flex, this handle is able to offer a consistent release and added level of strength similar to how a well-built metal handle would typically perform. However, the most desirable features about this handle are likely its weight and design elements, like targeted grip zones to bring you just enough added grip in crucial areas. This is a great composite handle for a player looking to push their game to the next level.


Burn Carbon XP

Xtreme power? You betcha. Warrior claims that this handle brings a new level of power to your shot through a composite design with increased levels of flex in the right areas. This handle also features Warrior’s Dot Matrix grip system for added shot and passing control. The Speed Die shape is also present for a softer and more comfortable-feeling handle that won’t cut into your hands when putting all your power behind a shot. This lacrosse shaft brings a lot of new and desirable features to the Warrior lineup! Surely a quality handle very worth giving a look.

Evo Krypto Pro

Looking for a more classic metal handle with all the features you need in your game? This updated version of the all-time classic Kryptolyte handle brings you everything you could need in a well-priced lacrosse shaft. While it might not be the most technology-packed or flashiest handle on the market, you can trust it to get the job done and then some. Durability and its competitive weight make this handle a classic and great option!

Evo Carbon QX

At only 130 grams, you will be hard-pressed to find another handle at this weight that won’t sacrifice durability. Much like the Carbon XP, Warrior has brought its stiffness to this handle as well ensuring your passes are accurate and your release point stays the same each time. With this handle, you won’t have to worry about what head will and won’t fit like a lot of other carbon handles – this one is completely hollow, ensuring any head will fit perfectly. Last but not least, this beauty was designed and developed in North America, which you gotta love! Add this to your lacrosse wish list as you won’t want to miss out on this great shaft.


Vapor Composite

The Vapor Composite is Nike’s lightweight composite handle that will fit the needs of any player. Weighing in at five ounces, this shaft brings the lightweight and sleek Nike design we all know and love. From youth players looking for a new handle to the expert players looking to add to their collection, Nike has created a great composite offering.


Dragonfly Elite II

From the first Dragonfly release hitting the lacrosse market to the latest technology innovations from Epoch, they never disappoint. The Elite II handle is their most elite handle to date, ranking in at the highest technology level they currently offer.

With the New Reactive Technology of this handle, it brings a great amount of feel and durability to a very clean-looking handle. If you’re an elite-level player looking into trying something new, this is very much worth your attention.

Dragonfly Pro II

Coming in just behind the Elite II handle, the Pro II shaft brings over a lot of the great features of the Elite at a slightly lower price point and different design. This handle comes in at a 4 on Epoch’s technology level. No matter your playing level, this is a great option for any player looking to pick up a new handle!

Dragonfly Select II

Lastly, the Dragonfly Select II is Epoch’s most affordable option for players looking to see what Epoch is all about. Despite the lower price point, this handle still brings a lot of Epoch’s great technology and design features. I highly suggest this handle for younger players looking to grab a durability and technologically-advanced handle.


Composite Pro

StringKing’s composite option brings a great level of player preference into each handle. This handle comes in 4 weigh options based on suggested age and playing level to ensure each player is getting the right handle for their game. This is also a great option as it comes in their specific faceoff option and in defensive length as well. You also have to love the simplicity of StringKing’s solid color designs.

Metal 3 Pro

StringKing also has you covered with the Metal 3 Pro shaft for all you metal handle lovers out there. Much like the rest of StringKing’s handles, this option comes in four weight options to tailor to your game and playing level. It’s an all-around, well-rounded lightweight and durable handle you can rely on!

A Series

Last but not least, StringKing’s value option brings the same reliability of all their other options at three different weight options to choose from. Much like the other two choices, this one is a great, well-designed handle that puts an emphasis on quality and simplistic aesthetic design elements.

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