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The Ultimate Lacrosse Cleats Buyers Guide 2021-22

Are you that player who always wants to have the freshest cleats each lacrosse season, or maybe you’re looking to replace your favorite cleats you’ve used for the last four years that finally blew out on you? No matter what the reason may be for why you need a new pair of lacrosse cleats, I have you covered with some of the hottest releases to up your game and style.

Before we jump in, let’s sort a few qualifications out for what will be eligible for this list in the first place. Throughout recent years, we’ve seen a rise in lacrosse-specific cleats, but even with the increased options, there still really aren’t a ton of cleats out there that are specific to our sport.

Lacrosse players will often opt to go for lighter football cleats that allow them to dodge, cut, and move well. Some players even find soccer cleats that work well for them. Much like the rest of the gear in lacrosse, it’s totally up to the player’s preference. This list will primarily feature lacrosse-specific cleats, but I will also mix in several football cleats that often cross over into lacrosse.

Lacrosse Cleats Buyers Guide 2021-22

Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite Cleats

Nike, the sneaker king, has been making turf shoes and cleats for quite a while. With each of its releases in the Huarache line, I have noticed improved quality and construction every year. The simple fact is Nike knows sports, and it knows how to design products to help players perform at their highest level.

These new Huarache cleats surely accomplish that. From the high-knit cuff keeping your ankles secure to the flywire lacing system, these cleats impress. These are a great option for any player looking for a pair of cleats to rely on!

Nike Vapor Edge Pro

Much like the Huaraches, Nike didn’t cut any corners with these Vapor Edge Pro cleats. From what I’ve seen, these have been very popular recently across all levels, and I’m personally a big fan of not only the look of these cleats but also the design features. Despite being a lower-styled cleat, they do feature an upper sock to increase ankle stability. Likely the most attractive and innovative feature of these cleats is the ghost lacing system that sits below the top layer allowing for extra security, locking your foot into the cleat and a very clean look. Again, these are a great option for any player looking for a new pair of cleats!

New Balance Freeze LX 3.0

Likely the most well-known of lacrosse cleats manufacturers, New Balance has always brought some incredible lacrosse-specific options. I even came across a football player wearing New Balance lacrosse cleats once because of their optimal amount of traction.

This newest version of the Freeze cleats brings many great features that we’ve grown to love in past versions, along with many new ones and a very new look. Being a mid-to-high-style cleat, these will offer quite a bit of needed ankle support, plus a fully-knit upper for a very comfortable, snug fit. Much like the last versions of the Freeze cleats, these bring quite a bit of lacrosse technology to the molded plate along the bottom that was designed specifically for lacrosse movements. These are all-around well-built cleats that won’t let you down on the field!

Under Armour Spotlight Cleats

I have always personally been a fan of Under Armour cleats on the lacrosse field. While they have only ever produced a few cleats for lacrosse, I do see a huge amount of their football styles crossing into the lacrosse game.

The Spotlight cleats are a great low-cut option for anyone looking for a nicely built and designed cleat. I can tell you from personal experience that these hug the foot perfectly to allow stability while dodging and cutting. These also feature some great insoles for foot comfort while playing. Make sure to give these a look when it comes down to buying your new cleats!

Under Armour Highlight Cleats

While they can be harder to find nowadays, the UA Highlight cleats have been a constant the past several years across a lot of the game. Whether you’re looking for the most amount of ankle support and stability or wanting something that truly locks the foot in, the Highlight cleats are always a great option.

Keep in mind while looking for these that there have been several releases and variations since the original, so make sure you find what you want. I will also add that in my opinion, these have some of the best durability I have seen out of any cleat I’ve used. I’m going on three years of college ball with my current pair. If you’re willing to do some digging, I highly suggest looking into these cleats if you haven’t already!

lacrosse cleats
Under Armour Highlight Cleats

Fit & Feel Are King

While this isn’t a long or extensive list of all the cleat options out there, I hope it helped guide you in the right direction. Keep in mind that lacrosse cleats are all about preference, feel, and fit. I highly suggest trying a pair on in person if you can, even if you aren’t purchasing from that particular store. Shop around and find a pair that fits and feels best for you! Comfort goes a long way in lacrosse cleats.

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