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the ultiimate lacrosse shoulder pads buyers guide 2021-22
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The Ultimate Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Buyers Guide 2021-22

While this may not be the longest or most product-packed buyers guide, shoulder pads are the most important piece of gear for your safety this upcoming lacrosse season.

Under the new shoulder pad ruling, players across levels (including college lacrosse) will be required to wear shoulder pads with the new NOCSAE ND200 approval in order to play. This move comes in order to increase the safety of players and create additional needed protection for the chest and heart.

Therefore, it’s time to ditch those cut-down shoulder pad liners you’ve been using for the past five seasons and maybe even got from your older cousin who played. It’s time to invest in a piece of equipment that will keep you safer and healthier in order to play the game we all love for longer.

While there aren’t too many offerings out there that fit this standard yet, I’m here to break down a few of the top offerings from your favorite trusted brands.

Lacrosse shoulder pads Buyers Guide 2021-22

Maverik Max EKG Speed Shoulder Pad

Maverik has made trusted protective gear for many, many years, but its latest additions to the shoulder pad world make an even bigger protective impact. The Maverik Max EKG Speed Shoulder pads feature several safety attributes, including EKG (External Kardic Guard) technology as visible on the front of the shoulder pad. Despite having added protection, these shoulder pads are still quite streamline to fit any player’s playing style.

Another awesome feature in these pads is the ANAFORM padding to protect both the spine and chest from any checks or shots that may come your way. These are a great option as you enter the shoulder pad buying market as they are ND200 certified.

Looking for something with a bit more protection and size? Here are a few other shoulder pads from Maverik that are also ND200 certified:

True Temper Lacrosse Zerolyte Shoulder Pad Liner

While True Temper is still a new contender in the protection game, it put together a great new option with the Zerolyte Shoulder Pad Liner that meets the new NOCSAE ND200 standard. I personally have used these pads for several months now and really like the weight and flexibility of the pad. I personally prefer the liner style as it offers me the most flexibility in my game.

The front of this pad features advanced ZRB technology to offer you the most protection to the chest area. The Zerolyte shoulder pad liner is yet another great option when shopping for your new pickup this season.

STX Cell V Shoulder Pad Liner

Looking for something really low profile that won’t slow you down? These Cell V Shoulder Pad Liners from STX might just be the option for you. Meeting the new NOCSAE standard and remaining lightweight and extremely mobile seems like a great mix to me, not to mention they are an updated version of the always-loved Cell protection line. With the GeoFlex II protection in these pads, you’re sure to be safe in the hands of STX.

These even feature a seven-point stretch zone system to allow you to customize and move these pads to your ultimate comfort. There’s not much to dislike about these pads at all. Give these a look when making your next lacrosse safety purchase!

Looking for an STX pad with even more added protection? Check out the STX Cell Shoulder Pads or the Stx Shadow Pro Shoulder Pads.

Warrior Evo Shoulder Pad

Chances are, no matter how long you’ve played, you have used a pair of Warrior shoulder pads at one point or another. Maybe they were your favorites? Maybe they are your go to brand? The good news for you is that Warrior brings a great new offering to the table in the Evo Shoulder Pad that meets the NOCSAE ND200 certification. From the sleek design to the impact sternum protection, these will suit almost any player this season.

These pads also feature Wartech liner to keep you extra cool and ventilated while playing. I personally love the design of these pads simply because of how customizable they are with multiple removable padding sections. Surely another great option to add to your list!

Nike Vapor Shoulder Pad Liner

Nike has you covered with protection and style in their new Nike Vapor Liners. From the solid color design of these to the Nike swoosh front and center, these things look mean.

Style points for sure, but that’s not why we’re here. These Liners are NOCSAE ND200 certified and feature a sternum protection system that won’t restrict the player at all to encourage comfort while playing. We all know how annoying it can be to wear a pair of uncomfortable shoulder pads, but with these you won’t even have to worry about that.

Their minimalistic safety design offers the right protection in the right areas without any added fluff to get in your way. Big thumbs up to Nike on these Shoulder Pad Liners! Bonus points for all you Nike buffs as well.

Again I know there aren’t many options out there at the moment for the new ND200 certification, but don’t let that drive you away from some of these great options listed above. Unlike a lot of our other gear, a new pair of certified shoulder pads this season is an absolute must in order to stay safe and keep playing the game. I suggest trying several different shoulder pads on before buying if you can as each person will have their own fit preferences when it comes to shoulder pads. Get a pair you feel comfortable and safe in. Good luck, and happy shoulder pad hunting!

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