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#TheGopherProject:  No Vinyl Dyes Tutorial Galaxy Dyes

For this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject, we are going to build on the previous Fade Dye Tutorial with another no vinyl dye. These dyes are completely random which is part of the fun of doing these. You can dye two of the same heads at the same time and get completely different outcomes. This week we are doing the galaxy dye two ways. First is going to be a spray and drop method while the second will be building on what we did in the fade write up. Choose whichever one you feel comfortable with.   

Here is what you are going to need:

    1. Parents’ permission….
    2. A large pot and lid that you can fully submerge a head in.  Note, this needs to be dedicated to dyes moving forward, you don’t want to cook in this after.
    3. A white head.
    4. Dye.  This week I’m using ECRU and Black Laxdip  
    5. Citric Acid (needed for Laxdip)
    6. Webbing Spray (I am using black first then white to show the two steps)
    7. Vinyl or Rubber Gloves (you do not want stained hands)
    8. Rags…. cleanup is a must
    9. Stainless steel sink (to pour out the dye).  
    10. Proper ventilation (either an exhaust hood fan or do it outside)
    11. An old sponge or one you will only use for dyeing moving forward
    12. Cleaning supplies  

Galaxy Dye Tutorial



Step 1:

Galaxy dye are unique in that the colors the head takes depend on where, when, and how much webbing spray has been used.   For this week we’ll be using the True Prowess (Fade) and Nature Boy Kraken head (Spray and Drop).

vinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProject

Step 2:  

Clean the head…..Just like last time…. You don’t want a stupid price tag sticker ruining your dye.  

Step 3:  

Plan the color’s out.  For this tutorial, we’re going to ECRU (fancy way for saying tan….) and black. The plan is to have it look like a dark night lightening storm….that’s the plan anyway.  It may end up looking like a 1970’s couch….who knows?

Step 4:

Take the head and webbing spray outside (I used the black first).  If you don’t have an area of the grass to do this, simply use a cardboard box.  With the webbing spray, you do not want a control blast, use a sweeping motion and spray a decent amount on the head.

For the Kraken, spray and make sure you get the back of the head as well.

For the Prowess, we are going to use the same technique as the fade but at a slant.  First thing we are going to do map out where we are going to leave white and make pencil lines as a guide.  For this I ran a random shooter across the head to give me an idea.

vinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProject

Then I marked equal lines on the top and bottom.  I then ran a thick spray over the pencil lines to make sure I didn’t dip that area too far into the dye.  You going to use the same dipping method as the fade to these lines.

vinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProject

Step 5:

Start water and turn exhaust fan on.  As the water is boiling take time to set up the rags.  Keep a couple hand to hold the head and cover it as you remove it from the dye.  Lay the rest on the counter to avoid splashes.

Step 6:

Bring the water to the right temperature as listed on the dye’s instructions.   There are only really three companies (LaxDip, RIT, and Throne) and all have different instructions.  Follow them….

Step 7:

Water is ready!  Add the dye and stir in order to make sure there are no clumps.  Turn down the water so it won’t spit dye up the head where you don’t want it.  If you notice this, quickly remove head and run water on it.

Step 8:

Put the gloves on and gently place the head in the pot.  

Tip Remember that the head will darken after it’s dyed.  If you cool the head down and still want it darker, you can always redip.   With galaxy dyes, the less time it’s in the water, the more the webbing spray will remain on the head.  Get the color and get out of the pot.

Step 9:  

Remove head from the dye gently rinse.  Place in freezer for 5 minutes.

Step 10:  

Remove head from freezer and allow to get back to remove temperature.  Once it is, take back outside and apply another coat of webbing spray. You’ll notice in this picture that I used white for the second coat.  

vinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProjectTip– If you’re dyeing the next step black, add black to the current dye and stir.  Place head in and wait until you get to the desired darkness.

Step 12:

Webbing clean up.  No joking aside, this is the worst part by far of this dye.  You do not want the webbing spray to dye or get cold. Once you’ve done the final color, take the sponge and run the head under hot water (keep those gloves on) and scrub the webbing spray off with a sponge.  Once done, drop in the freezer for the cooldown period. If you wait until the head cools, it’s like chipping concrete….

Step 11:

Clean up. This is the most important part, get your parents help if needed.  Carefully and slowly pour the dye down the drain. Rinse the pot and place aside (on a rag). Then clean any area that was near the dye process.

Step 12:  

Allow for the head to completely dry, string, and go hit the wall.

vinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProjectvinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProjectvinyl free dyes galaxy dye #TheGopherProject

Thanks for reading!  Use #TheGopherProject on your string ups to earn a future spotlight or string up of the week!