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Kyle Harrison's Weekly Assist: Three-Step Split Dodge

How to do the Three-Step Split Dodge

Kyle Harrison explains how to do the three-step split dodge, one of his favorite moves to use to free up his hands.

I started practicing the three-step split dodge back when I was a little guy. The first time I remember doing it I was in the sixth grade. I’ve always loved how a little east-west movement at just the right time can throw off oncoming defenders.

How to do the Three-Step Split Dodge in a three simple steps:

  1. Take a short hop forward with both hands on your stick
  2. Then take a wide step in the direction of your choice (roughly a 45-degree angle) while keeping your stick on the outside so it’s protected
  3. Finally, use your balance and the weight distribution of that last step to power-step in the opposite direction while bringing your stick across your body, switching hands, and flying by your defender the other way

When going up against a short-stick defenseman, you can pull your stick across your face quickly on the split. When going against a longpole, the pole will be right out in front of you so you’ll want to bring your stick across over the top or underneath – whichever is better for you.

Master it going in either direction. If done correctly, the dodge can be a really useful weapon. Like anything, it takes a great deal of practice to perfect, so get out there and get your reps in!

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