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Throwback Thursday: Great 1998 USCLA Video

I spoke about the USCLA a couple of weeks ago, and I’m not sure that the true excellence of the game got through in my post. Thankfully, the fine fellas over at LaxSchool loaded up a video from 1999 featuring Duke Tobay LC and the Commonwealth/Brine Outlaws. Duke played in the Empire Division, and Brine was usually the top dog in the Yankee Division.

Randy Fraser and recent Brown grad David Evans were the big guns for Commonwealth on offense, but the team was littered with guys who could score. Bill Daye, of LaxSchool, was the Commonwealth goalie, and this was truly a monster team, especially for New England. Jimmy Butler is even one of the commentators… you don’t get any better than that!

I got to play with a lot of these guys in the Brine Elite Leauge in Concord, MA in 2000, and I still remember guys like Keith Flanagan, Bill Edell, Randy Fraser, Brian Silcott, and more just straight up dominating. I also remember Billy Daye playing midfield and sniping goals from 15 yards with ease, with either hand.

Daye is still a baller!
Daye is still a baller!

In case you didn’t know, Duke Tobay’s name comes from Duke Financial, a sponsor, and T-O-Bay stands for Town of Oyster Bay. Now you know! This game was part of the Dowling Cup, where USCLA teams from all over came together for a weekend of top level club lacrosse. There was no MLL or LXM back then. If you were a baller, this is where you played!