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Throwback Thursday: Navy’s Improbable 2004 Run

A decade ago, in 2004, the Navy men’s lacrosse team made an epic run to the Final Four, and then in front of the whole nation, the Midshipmen did the unthinkable, winning their semifinal game, and matching up with Syracuse on Memorial Day. The story grabbed the lacrosse world by its throat, and just about every person who wasn’t directly connected to Cuse was cheering for Navy. I was definitely one of those guys!

That 2004 group was certainly special, and the whole lacrosse world was hoping that they could break through and win it all. Navy may have lost back in 2004, but if things shake out the right way, we could definitely see a new underdog make headlines this year, and the chances are good that we’ll see a new champion crowned. Hop, Maryland, and Duke have won titles in men’s lacrosse, but none of the other five programs (Albany, Drexel, Notre Dame, Bryant, and Denver) have won it all. Could see ANOTHER new program added to the pantheon of champions?

Could it be someone like Drexel, Bryant, or Albany… each of whom weren’t even in the conversation a month ago? Could it be Denver and Coach Tierney? Could Notre Dame finally realize their program potential? Who knows! That’s what makes it exciting!

If you had to pick one of the remaining teams as YOUR 2014 version of Navy, who would it be? I know who my pick is… they’re from the Ocean State!