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Top 10 Christmas Gifts Our Girlfriends Should Get Us


We’ve covered the Top 10 Christmas gifts to get your girlfriend.  Now it’s time for LaxAllStars to fill the ladies in on what to get the guys (and us!).  Is there some overlap between the two lists?  A little. We just have a lot more lacrosse stuff, and less candles.

10. Man Slippers

Tamarac Men's Slippers

9. Adrenaline Gig & Waffle

Adrenaline Gig

The Gig

Adrenaline Waffle

The Waffle

8. Decoded by Jay-Z

Jay-Z Decoded

7. CHEAP Lacrosse Heads For Us To Dye and String!

Warrior Evo Spyne

6. A Box Lacrosse Face Mask

5. The Manpack


4. The Time Teller P Watch by Nixon

Nixon Time Teller Watch

3. The Bownet Portable Lacrosse Goal

Bownet Portable Lax Goal

2. Headphones

Sennheiser HD55 Headphones

1. LAS GEAR!!!!!!!

Lax All Stars Laxallstars Lax Allstars gear apparel

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